Milky Way's Black Hole X-ray Radiate with High Lumonitas

Milky Way's Black Hole X-ray Radiate with High Lumonitas: Not yet known exactly what causes it, the black hole (black hole) in the center of the Milky Way galaxy (milky way) pull out of X-rays with high lumonitas, once a day.

It is usually an explosion that causes a common X-rays in the Milky Way's black hole called Sagittarius A is. But lately as has been observed by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory in February 2012 last month, X-ray bursts more powerful are 150 times brighter than normal lumonitas black hole.

Process black holes "eat" the asteroid and turn it into X-ray jets.
Image credit: NASA / CXC / M.Weiss

What is the cause? Scientists themselves are not so confident with his opinion. It seems that the explosion will not experience a slowdown although the overall age of the black hole that the information will be followed by decreased activity.

At the beginning of 2012 and there are researchers who say that the X-ray burst in Milky Way's black hole may have come from an asteroid or even a wandering planet and is too close to the black hole, so they are "eaten".

Because basically if a black hole is finished "eating" the asteroid or planet it will emit X-ray gas.

False color photos of the area in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
In the central area, terrdapat tiny dots that emit X-rays and it is a black hole.
Image credit: NASA / MIT / F. Baganoff et al

It seems astronomers also agree with that opinion. "For whatever reason, Sagittarius A eat more," said Michael Nowak, scientists and researchers from the IT and writers in astrophysics journals.

"One theory is more credible if the asteroid is so close to the black hole, the black hole will be stretched and destroy the asteroid to pieces and ate it eventually will emit radiation that would arise dedakan great," he added.

Astronomers detect black hole through which light energy is released when a black hole swallows the material nearby. Centers of galaxies and quasars a newborn is a place where there is a very active black hole. With increasing age the black hole, they will tend to slow down and consume less material.

"Anyone can describe the black hole like a vacuum cleaner where she could mnyedot dust in its path," said Frederick K. Beganoff from MIT.


Milky Way's Black Hole X-ray Radiate with High Lumonitas