Monday, November 19, 2012

Well, Venice is now so Giant Swimming Pool

Well, Venice is now so Giant Swimming Pool: Venice was flooded with a large water level reached 1.5 meters. Tide levels this time including the sixth highest in the last 150 years. Some spots are usually crowded looked deserted.


Venice is often referred to as the Floating City is now submerged in almost every area. Followed by heavy rain continues to fall, the Floating City is no longer floats. Do not want to panic, some tourists are still in Venice continue to enjoy their holidays with a variety of unique activities, such as swimming and playing in the rain.

Some tourists even looks fun swimming in the courtyard of St. Mark's Square, which has been under water. Other travelers also seem taverns went to relax, but still had to stand.


Reported by the Daily Mail (12/11), 70 percent stated the Venice area has been submerged in water. Thus, most of the population decided to flee to the area dry. To that end, the government has put up some emergency bridge that can be passed by the citizens.


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