Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?

Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?:
you never imagined working in the gaming company? What if you are offered a salary of Rp. 2 billion per year?

Yes, it works in the game industry could be a very promising career option because of the salary given to us quite far above the average. If the main attraction is the wage that makes you drool flowing, then Square Enix is ​​definitely the right place to find a job.

Nensyu Labo is a company that tracks the salaries of employees in various industries in Japan. One of the industries that interest is a video game and they have just published the latest compensation data for enterprise developers and a Japanese game publishers.

The following list of the top 10 largest gaming companies with a salary ...

10. Yuke - Rp. 678 million per year
9. Capcom - Rp. 688 million
8. Gala - Rp. 712 million
7. Tecmo Koei - Rp. 740 million
6. Namco Bandai - Rp. 770 million
5. Konami - Rp. 800 million
4. Sammy - Rp. 990 Million
3. Nintendo - Rp. 1.1 Billion
2. Sony - Rp. 1.1 Billion
1. Square Enix - Rp. 2.6 Billion

Square Enix is ​​where favorite games ane Birth: Final Fantasy. No wonder they were able to give the best to its employees since Square is famous not half-hearted in his RPG game design. They are not afraid to spend money on a lot in order to create the best games.

The figures above are average salary figure in any company, ranging from administrative staff, game programmer up to their top management seat. Interested in working for game companies?


Work on Game Company paid 2.6 billion, will you?