Zeng Daxia, Go Working with Parachute Avoid Loss

Zeng Daxia, Go Working with Parachute Avoid Loss:
Zeng Daxia (42), have a practical way to avoid congestion in the town where he lived. Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China. Zeng flew through the air with a parachute, crossing the Xiangjiang River and arrive at work on time.

As the city grew rapidly due to the booming Chinese economy, jams so common sight in Zhuzhou. Moreover, the city is divided by the Xiangjiang River. Residents with offices in other cities have crossed the bridge Zhuzhou Xiangjiang River Bridge along approximately 1.3 km. The problem, there are 7000 vehicles were on the bridge every hour, while the optimal capacity of only 2700 vehicles. predictable, congestion always occurs.

Zeng Daxia had no problem with the time wasted due to traffic. With motorized paragliding, it only takes 1 minute to cross the river. Thanks to innovations that attract attention, Zeng even hoping, "Conditions in Zhuzhou very cocokparagliding. Maybe this sport can be developed as a tourist attraction."

Incidentally, he was a coach at the local paragliding club. To become a member, a person must pay between 30000-60000 yuan. They will be trained to use motorized paragliding - there is a propeller and a parachute that can membumbungkan a person into space.

While for most people Zhuzhou relatively expensive price, but there are about 1000 people joined the club. They usually practice flying over Shiyang River, 20 miles from Zhuzhou.


Zeng Daxia, Go Working with Parachute Avoid Loss