Actually Not As Strong Popeye Spinach

Actually Not As Strong Popeye Spinach:
Popeye The Sailor Man, a sudden strong sailor eating spinach every beat Brutus, and could easily lead to the myth that spinach source of iron and can make people so mighty.

In fact, not true. Actually the reason Popeye spinach swallow as education for the children so happy to eat vegetables. Spinach was actually full of vitamin A (source Cronin, beta-carotene).

Amaratus sp or spinach that many in Indonesia / source: wikipedia

We have to be careful because there are two senses of "spinach" between known in Indonesia (Asian countries) and are known to the west.

Which grows in tropical regions such as Indonesia mostly spinach with scientific name: Amaranthus spp. Could average 2 to grow up to 30 cm. Watery and less woody stems. Leaves stemmed, oval, limp, green, red, or green discharge.

Spinach is known to the western type as "Chinese amaranth" as widely grown in Asia, and possibly the first brought from the plains of western China.

Spinach is a popular Popeye / Source Wikipedia

These different types of spinach with spinach called spinach - from the genus spinacia. HORENSO The Japanese call it. Spinach is often used in European cuisine and the Mediterranean. The young leaves can be eaten raw and used as a salad.

Apart form the plant, spinach taste between "Asian" and Spinach little different. Well, the most likely source of this confusion is because the movie Popeye. Translating the words "spinach" in the cartoon "Popeye" a 'spinach'.

However, Spinach and Spinach both have important benefits for the body. For more details, see another article why-popeye-spinach-eating

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Actually Not As Strong Popeye Spinach