Amazing discovery in 2012 that used to be in the film There's Only Fiction

Amazing discovery in 2012 that used to be in the film There's Only Fiction:
Do you know, human cyborg actually come true? And technology teleport - move an object - like in Star Trek can be done? In the 21st century, all the things that used to be only in the science fiction fantasies closer to reality.

During the year 2012, this is the sixth finding amazing technology is successfully developed.

1. Bionic Limbs
Previous image bionic body appeared in 1960. The term "cyborg" (cybernetic organism) is raised by Manfred E Clynes and Nathan S Kline in an article they wrote in the journal Astronautics.

Since then, bionic limbs has been a metaphor in many pieces of fiction. Recorded appeared fiction The Six Million Dollar Man from the 1970's, Borg of Star Trek, and even Darth Vader, a central character in Star Wars.

In 2012, for the first time, a woman paralyzed are able to control robotic limbs. Is Claire Lomas, woman paralyzed by a riding accident in 2007 that resulted in the neck, spine and ribs broken. But with the help of a bionic body, he was able to run a marathon for 16 days.

Bionic experiments on primates has also been possible to create a brain computer interface that is efficient enough to design more realistic movement in the limbs. Different bionic limbs with bionic Lomas found in fiction, because it is still connected via external electrodes to the skull.

2. Quantum Teleportation and Communication
In Star Trek, there is a technology called "teleportation" that move an object to another through a device called a transporter. With this tool, the object can be moved to any particular place by removing the object.

Fiction is increasingly becoming apparent. New record for electric shock photons (elementary particles in electromagnetic phenomena) directly from one place to another has occurred this year. Quantum teleportation has been done in the laboratory for some time, although the distance is only a few meters in size.

In November 2012, a record for quantum teleportation created the 89 miles or 143 km. Besides teleportation, the scientists also built the first quantum internet. Although these findings are still preliminary, but the teleportation of photons for a distance of several miles will enable secure communications, anti tapped.

3. Genetic diseases can be prevented
Genetic engineering for better human is an emerging topic repeatedly since the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, published in 1931. This novel tells the anticipated future development of reproductive technologies are changing society.

This novel sparked films like "Gattaca" which presents genetic engineering to children to ensure the best genetic traits of parents and the resulting novel "Beggars" in Spanish that explores the implications of these genetic alterations appeared widely.

Well, in 2012, the concept for the genetic engineering has emerged but to prevent a mitochondrial disease. About one in 200 people are thought to suffer from the disorder born in the mitochondria, the energy center of the cell. For the first time scientists were able to transfer the core DNA of a human egg cell to another. Two groups independently discovered a way to transplant the nucleus of human egg cell, leaving mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mother to child.

This finding means making mitochondrial disorders can be cured before the child was born. Although these techniques are not going to cure diseases such as Down syndrome, which involves DNA core but it shows that some manipulation of the human genome is not only possible, but it can happen.

4. Universal Translator
In a science fiction drama, universal translator presented in the series "Doctor Who" were released since 1963. In this play there is a the plant called "Time and Relative Dimension in Space (Tardis), a time machine, which resulted in a field that allows travelers to understand alien languages ​​without requiring the help of a dictionary.

The concept of universal translator is also included in the novel trilogy "Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson, a science fiction writer from the United States. This concept has been achieved with the advent of voice-based applications translator, Jibbigo. This translator app requires an internet connection. Some of the emerging universal translator that Klingon and Comic-con.

5. Sophisticated sunglasses on head
Readers of the novel "Accelerando" from Charles Stross is certainly very enthusiastic look forward to welcoming Google Glasses, a sophisticated augmented reality glasses made by Google. In a novel that was released on July 5, 2005, the protagonist portrayed, Manfred MacX carry data and memory in a pair of glasses that connect to the internet.

While Google released Google Glasses this year allows users to access data, internet and photographed by a camera in the glasses.

6. Private Space Flight
In many science fiction stories, lots of space travel booking private parties. For example, the latest science fiction film made by Ridley Scott, "Prometheus" was released May 30, 2012. In this film, Weyland Corporation to fund an expedition to follow the map to the moon LV-223.

And in fact, a private space company, SpaceX, Elon Musk owned dozens of missions will launch first planned to the International Space Station (ISS). Dragon capsule is designed to supply the ISS, but Musk, the founder of PayPal, is also not satisfied with the mission. He has big plans, colonize Mars.


Amazing discovery in 2012 that used to be in the film There's Only Fiction