Arif the Smart Little Prisoner

Arif the Smart Little Prisoner:
Frankly, despite several criminal conduct research on LP, the experience this time was my first experience of live chat with someone who was charged with capital murder. By dag dig dug heart, my mind drifting to figure image of a person who would I meet. It pictured the face of vicious Hanibal Lecter, also criminals fake beard style soap opera, and images of other cold-blooded killer that I often encounter in the TV story. Well, finally after waiting so long hoping against hope, one of the guards to bring a child presented to saya.Yup, is an 8 year old. No more than waist high adult face covered with a shy smile. Her eyes were shaded with a polite gesture. I also read the case file submitted by the warden. Before entering prison turns out he is a champion in his school, drawing champion, champion playing the flute, chanting and azan champion at the children.

Ability berhitungnya pretty prominent. Even through the school in the prison were carrying value of the school's second largest province. So why did he get killed? With a plan anyway? This is the case when Arif call it child's name is so, not yet reached the age of seven tahun.Ayahnya who traded in a market in the area bekasi, finished head thugs who controlled the area. His background as his father was reluctant to pay the 'security' is so high. This news apparently reached the ears of Arif. Night after his father was buried the next day he went to the gang hangout. With bright knives he challenged the man who killed her father.
"Who killed my father!" he shouted to the person that is in place.

"I'm so what?" said the head of the thugs who killed his father as he was greeted with laughter behind him.

Needless to say the little boy drew a knife as he jumped into the stomach of the thugs. And right about the pit of her stomach, big man that fell down to the ground. Arif was immediately ran back to the house afterwards. Finally finished morning prayers the next morning he was hauled to the police station.

"Arif nih often make troublesome officers in prisons!" said the head of the prison interview wise accompany me smile.

Apparently since the jail two years ago. This child is already three times to escape from his cell. And how was I think quite magical. The first breakout did the unthinkable by anyone. Every morning the garbage is picked up from prison by car cleanliness. Aware of this, Arif quietly slipped into one of the garbage bags. The result 1-0 to Arif. He managed to get out of jail.

The second breakout more creative. Children are fond of reading once read an article about fermented foods tape (remember you know the interview he was only 8 years old). From there, he was informed that the tape containing the hot air that is destructive to a hard object. Incidentally also in prisons is provided tape uli children twice a week. Each supplied tape, wise allocation always fast because it dibalurkannya tape to the walls of his prison cell. The results after four months, the prison walls became soft as clay. The holes successfully made. 2-0 for the wise. He was out of jail the second time.

Flight to do all three Mission Impossible style. Arif charged with cleaning the bathroom to see a bucket as a solution. Iron bucket that serves as a handle stored in the room. Knew that he was being watched very closely, Arif chose the safest hiding place before deciding to run. Prison headroom to be chosen. The reason is obvious, because no one ever dared guards checking this space. When the middle of the night he sneaked out by using an iron bucket handle to open the door and locks. Do not ask me how, just before I know he was out. 3-0 to Arif.

So why did he get caught again? Apparently intelligence is still in a head bocah.Pelarian-driven escape from a sense kangennya his mother. This kid came out of prison only to the home of the beloved mother. So from Tangerang prison he boarded the passenger cars and walk omprengan umpteen yards with one goal, to go home! Hence the third breakout Arif, who is also head of the prison's mother asked his men to not immediately pick Arif. The result is two days later Arif returned to prison while carrying a letter to the head of prisons has written.
"I'm sorry Arif head, but missed the same mother Arif Arif"

A child should be locked up in jail smart. But, I do not necessarily think that he was not really guilty and should be released. After all she has of killing someone. But I just wished if any, policies act quickly to catch the killer the father (as soon as the police arrested Arif) must present the child smart and diligent it's not going to be in a place like that high creativity ll be useful for something else . Unfortunately the only son Arif was poor vegetable vendor while the thugs who murdered always loyal to deposit to local authorities. What is the name of justice in this country? [ Source ]

Arif the Smart Little Prisoner