Deadly Diseases Immune bat, you know ...

Deadly Diseases Immune bat, you know ...:
Bats are mammals that in the body there are many deadly viruses, such as Ebola, SARS and Nipah. But strangely, the animal is immune to viruses.

Over the past few decades some scientists were puzzled how bats can be immune to the deadly viruses in the body. However, a new study has found a bright spot genes related to the problem.

Scientists studying the DNA of the two species of bats and discover how genes related to immune system has undergone rapid development.

Professor Lin Fa Wang, an infectious disease specialist at Duke NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, who led the study, said the results explain how mammals can be free of the disease and live longer than other mammals the size, such as mice .

"We are not saying never sick bat or been infected. All we are saying is to treat infected bats much better than other animals," said Lin Fa Wang, as reported by Reuters.

This Author Immune Genes

A added, which occurs in both the bat it was the emergence of a gene known as cytokine storm, these genes can trigger an extreme immune reaction to the infection potentially fatal to bats.

"Gen cytokine storm that eventually kills the viruses that are in the body. We too can learn to design drugs to human gene to minimize damage resulting from a viral infection," he said.

The study involved researchers from China, Denmark, Australia and the United States, also found that the genes that give the immune system in bats is the same gene that makes bats have the ability to fly.

"What we found was one of the very rapidly evolving genes in DNA damage repair. This makes sense, because when flying metabolism will increase and generate free radicals to block viruses," added Lin Fa Wang.

Lin Fa Wang asserts that humans can learn from bats that have evolved to prevent illness and to live very long.

"By using modern techniques, we can design new drugs to slow the aging process, treat cancer and fight infection," said Lin Fa Wang.


Deadly Diseases Immune bat, you know ...