Did Giants Really Exist?

Did Giants Really Exist?: Could it be used to correct a giant? The story about the giant always live in folklore in the area of ​​the earth...

Did Giants Really Exist?:
Could it be used to correct a giant? The story about the giant always live in folklore in the area of ​​the earth. His form is not just a tall basketball player, but more than that. Can reach 3 feet.

Besides contained in the legends, scriptures of divine religions such as the Bible (Holy Bible) and the Qur'an contains stories about giants. The problem, is there any archaeological evidence to support the truth of the story?

Story Guliver like a giant legend / guardian.co.uk

Previously, we have seen some descriptions appropriate legends and myths that developed contained in the scriptures.

King Og, Giant Between Myth And Reality
Some of the Bible (including the Apocrypha) mentions the Nephilim were described as giants. The Book of Enoch mentions the size they were terrible.

Nephilim tribes recorded in the Bible such as Rephaim (Rephiam, the best known), Anakin, AVIM, Emim, Gibborim, Horim, Zamzummim and Zuzim. They were led by King Og of Bashan, who also came from the giants.

According to folklore, King Og had a very large bed made of iron frame, probably about 14 feet long and 6 feet wide.

One example is the giant figure of Goliath. As per the story of the Torah (Old Testament), David killed Goliath lead him to be king in Israel.

And after King David was no statement about the Nephilim mentioned in the Holy Land. Then King Og was last Rephaim, but the Biblical Nephilim he's not, just a line.

Folklore about giants recorded after the year 900 BC. Moses said to the man who killed the giant King Og, and died at the age of 120 years or around the years 1300-1400 BC that preceded the Iron Age Levant region.

David and Goliath

Years refer to the history of the ancient King Og is still an opinion and interpretation, even on Exodus (Egypt) are also uncertain. This is attributed to the Prophet Moses made a bronze snake to protect people from dying from snake bites.

Late Bronze Age Levant region occurred around the year 1150 BC, and according to archaeological Moses lived between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

If using the Egyptian calendar Moses lived before the Iron Age, and could not have killed the King Og, or the legend written on the Iron Age that included previous stories, then iron beds added to the hundreds of types of stories (might have changed from the previous generation, but the core the story remains the same). And the best assumption, that Moses and King Og of life in the Iron Age that would follow to bring the story of Gilgal Rephaim.

King Og Life Among the Noah, Abraham and Moses
There are many stories Myth King Og of them recorded in the Rabbinical literature, the Old Testament, Islamic literature and some recorded in the literature outside the Bible. In all the stories mentioned that King Og was a giant, even Og was in the days of Noah. Og had been saved from the flood with the help of Noah, the story caused a puzzle Nephilim (the Nephilim) which states that 'Nephilim survived the great flood when other people were killed'.

As a paradox, some think it's a giant group believes many died when Noah's flood came (see explanation under the Islamic version).

However, all philosophical look the same, how to describe the Nephilim existing before the flood and the Nephilim who lived after the flood.

The most bizarre is this: that the myth combines Og king of Bashan, in every myth Nephilim tersbut explain the story but are specifically identified as King Og. Myth is more puzzling recorded in Rabbinical literature, that King Og escaped to Palestine where no flooding (from Rashi to Niddah).

Version of Islam
According to Islamic tradition mythology, King Og is mentioned as the son of Noah's sister who later killed by Moses. Another myth about Noah's Ark, that one of the women in the Ark was pregnant with Nephilim would be the wife of Ham.

Surely Nephilim born and lived after the flood. Nephilim story not only with Noah and Abraham, but generally state that they are actually being famous.

As an additional reference, as stated by Allah in the Quran that He had created man in large size. They were 'Ad the U.S. where Prophet Hud was sent there to call people to the truth.

Their bodies are large, very tall and strong so they can hug a big tree and pull it out. Then, after God gave them the strength to overstate them from other people, they turned a rebellious people, reject and oppose U.S. Hud prophetic. As punishment they were then punished by Allah SWT.

Giant the marriage of men and angels?
There is a myth of the mystery behind the birth of Noah, the story of Noah's father (Lamech the son of Methuselah). According to the apocryphal, when Noah opened his eyes the whole house shone like the sun.

The prejudice that all of this relates to the supernatural that made Noah's father questioned her loyalty. In the sense that he has a relationship with the angels because Nephilim Noah will be the nation that is the marriage of a woman (man) with a man (an angel coming down from heaven).

Noah's mother denied it and all it stated by Idris (Enoch). Methuselah asked Idris (him) on this subject which Idris had visited heaven, and Idris confirmed that Noah is actually the son of Lamech.

On the other hand, the violation of the relationship between humans and the rebel angels occur where they descend from heaven to Mount Hermon which is adjacent to the northern tip of the Golan region of Bashan, and Og king likely have the same birth of Noah.

This explanation can be traced back to reading the book of Genesis 6: 1-7. The phrase "sons of God" seems to refer to angels - according to the testimony of religious scholars.

Another version of the myth
Another myth about King Og related to Ibrahim. According to the story, King Og had told Abraham about abductions carried King Chedorlaomer, and Abraham to King Og very familiar. Ibrahim lived among the Nephilim who happens to inhabit Canaan, King Og in the second story has a hidden agenda.

In the story mentioned, after Noah's Ark finally docked Og tries to seduce her, none other than the wife of Noah. Then the days of Abraham, King Og hope that Abraham would be killed in order to save Lot and to be able to marry Sarah, wife of Abraham. Stories that have a common theme name of the Prophet's wives, sexual underlying Nephilim.

Folklore states under King Og lived for 3000 years although there is also a mention of only 900 years. Og may be an exceptional warrior, the king recognized to record the fantastic myth, even stated in the Bible.

His long life allowed him to interact with the leaders of the great religions that live in that time span. Chronology of King Og longevity makes archaeologists and biblical scholars have trouble finding 'who the real King Og' to make an accurate story.

The photos are believed to be a hoax

Evidence Archaeologists
So far there has been no concrete evidence of the experts about the existence of a giant fossil. A few years ago had circulated the photos to prove the discovery of a giant fossilized, but experts argue, and this is just a mere hoax.

Or maybe it appears another discovery that led to the existence of giants in ancient times? For example, the discovery of giant footprints on the rock in South Africa, for more details can visit the following link: giant-fossilized-human-foot-print-found-in-south-africa

Matter of truth, we are just waiting for the discovery of archaeologists who finally prove what is written in the scriptures.



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