Fish It Can Climb In Mouth

Fish It Can Climb In Mouth:

Usually climbing can only be made creatures that have legs, even hand. Apparently there is a fish that can climb using his mouth.

This fish is named Gobi monopoly Rock Climbing or Sicyopterus stimpsoni. Researchers recently announced the results of its findings in Hawaii, USA. Small fish is known to be able to climb a 100-meter waterfall using only his mouth.

Thus the form of the Gobi fish Monopoly Rock Climbing

How? Namely by menghisapkan mouth to rock surfaces and transferring body slowly.

According to Richard Blob, Evolution Biomechanist Researchers from Clemson University in South Carolina, a fish that can grow to 18 cm long is using the power of the jaw to put his mouth to the rock surface to scrape food.

"In addition to eating, the mouth is also used to climb. This is one of the evolution of animal behavior while looking for food," said Blob.

To prove whether this is true climbing fish, the researchers Gobi fish Monopoly Rock Climbing and put them in the aquarium. They also record the Gobi fish jaw strength as akurium put his mouth on the side and climb to reach the food.

"This behavior is not yet clear objectives, whether feeding activities adapted for climbing, or vice versa," added Blob again.

Currently, the researchers are collecting Gobi other fish species from the Caribbean to determine the sequence of the evolution of extreme behavior of this fish. The results of this study have been published in the Journal of Online Plus One on January 4 last.

Speaking of fish that can suck and stick his mouth, really sounds like brooms fish, huh? :-)


Fish It Can Climb In Mouth