For 2 days, Michelle Obama Still Wear Same Dress

AS A fashion icon, stylish appearance would be his main concern. Similarly, experienced by U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama.

As the mother country with an infinite variety of facilities such as wardrobe, allowing Michelle to wear whatever she likes. However, it did not apply to him.

As seen in the series inaugural event of the husband. Michelle is wearing more clothes recycling. In fact, the former lawyer is also wearing the same clothes two in a row.

At the luncheon after the inauguration of the congress, which was originally wearing Michelle jacquard coat from Thom Browne to replace it with a blue cardigan Reed Krakoff designs worn the day before.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the mother of two children is still able to attract the attention of many people. In fact, it also signifies that he is the same as other people.

Although known as a fashion icon, but not forever Michelle always looks glamorous. Even in some occasions, Michelle appears modest and did not hesitate to wear clothes from affordable label, as reported by Dailymail.

For 2 days, Michelle Obama Still Wear Same Dress