Haha, Spiderman Want to Know a New Job?

Haha, Spiderman Want to Know a New Job?:
Is Spiderman lost his job until he had swerved be window cleaners? It seems so when you see the photos below.

Actually the person in the costume is Merrill Hunt (43). He worked as a window cleaner in the Hospital All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Photo: Cherie Diez / Tampa Bay Times

For the sake of entertaining the children lying on the children's hospital, the Hunt willing spiderman costume for duty. It seems that not only Hunt a. Every worker on the spot to do the same. While cleaning the windows, waving their patients.

This idea stems from the idea of ​​Holly Ott, a coordinator who wants to provide opportunities for children to see the super hero of their dreams. "The children in the hospital to have the opportunity to see their heroes were climbing the side of the building. Surprised kids all enjoyed the day and feel special," said Ott.

Good idea too. Just do not get any child who propose Hulk ya, might be destroyed hospital ha .. ha .. ha ..


Haha, Spiderman Want to Know a New Job?