How to Easily Clean Berets CD

How to Easily Clean Berets CD:
Cleaners CD and DVD are many on the market, but sometimes when stock is depleted or in emergencies let alone with the tips below.

The first way to use just bananas. This applies if the CD / DVD is not too badly damaged. See the following video.

In a fairly severe level of damage, you should use toothpaste or toothpaste can really be used to clean the CD / DVD is damaged scarred (beret). See the video below.

If it is very severe, metal polishing liquid, or a lot in the market with the brand Braso also arguably the most effective way to clean CD / DVD full of scratches.

Keep in mind, as these substances on Braso very hard then you should see the first condition of the CD / DVD you. If it is still 95% good should not, but if goresannya very much, very hard to read, then use Braso. Fair potent restore its original condition.

Do not clean the CD / DVD in a circular motion. Rather clean the perpendicular direction of the center of the circle to the outer portion.


How to Easily Clean Berets CD