How to Use Chopsticks True

How to Use Chopsticks True:
Each meal is chicken noodle, meatball noodles, or just indomie, I rarely use chopsticks. The reason is simple, do not know how. Stupid, huh? Hahaha ...

Having regard to the Chinese and Japanese who usually use chopsticks, as well as find articles how to hold chopsticks correctly, finally met also. For those who do not know and wanted to use chopsticks, this is the way he summarized from

1. First grab the first single chopstick. Chopsticks are kindly placed on the left hand or right hand according to your habits. Put a chopstick between the middle finger and index finger. While the base of the chopsticks across the border between the forefinger and thumb.

Do not be too rigid, imagine how when you hold a pencil or pen, and then try to hold chopsticks like that.

2. Next please take a second chopstick, put in the same position as before. The base of chopsticks will be between forefinger and thumb, while the tip of the middle finger sticking chopsticks. So one chopstick stuck in his thumb, and another on the middle finger. Position locking thumb is to avoid both apart chopsticks.
3. After holding it right, you can try to pick up food or objects with chopsticks. If you hold it right, chopsticks will not move back and forth while taking food, but moves up and down to adjust the size of the food.

To do this, please move your chopsticks attached to the fingertips telunjung. By moving these chopsticks, you do not need to move the other chopstick. With the index finger tighten, then chopsticks will open. Conversely, when you bend the finger, the chopsticks are closed.

Well, that was the one way to hold chopsticks. Actually, how to hold the chopsticks varies, depending on how people learn.

Another alternative is a two-base holding chopsticks chopsticks through the gap between the thumb and index finger (the same way as before), it's just a slightly different position of the tip of chopsticks. The first chopsticks were above the ring finger, while the second chopstick flanked by the index finger and middle finger.

So when I want to take food, chopsticks and chopsticks silent first two moves up and down to adjust the size of the food.

If you do this a few times, then you can certainly use it fluently. Eating with chopsticks as well as writing with a pen. Everyone has different ways to use it.

How to Use Chopsticks True
  1. The other thing that is important is where you hold the chopsticks. The correct place to put your fingers while holding them is two-thirds of the way from the bottom. The personalized chopsticks should not cross each other while you use them.