Magically, Children's Literacy Ethiopia could crack Android

Magically, Children's Literacy Ethiopia could crack Android:
Villagers in Ethiopia's literacy rate close to zero percent, meaning almost any illiterates. But within five months of the children in this village could crack android tablet, even unpack hidden features.

Early story like this. A program called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) tried to introduce a tablet Motorola Xoom to children in a village in Africa.

The idea itself came from Nicholas Negroponte, founder of OLPC and MIT Media Lab. He gave 1,000 units of the two villages Xoom tablet with custom software. A village that was retarded, even the literacy rate approaching zero people.

Even so, these conditions did not necessarily cover their right to taste the advancement of technology. Until finally, diberikanlah Xoom tablet without a special expert teachers teach how the device works and explore it more deeply.

But what happened were unexpected. Until the past five months, Negroponte is surprised by the results.

"We left the tablet with no instruction and teacher. Within four minutes, one of them is not only able to open the tablet, he found the on / off but had never seen before," said Negroponte, as reported Fastcoexist.

"For two weeks, they sing the ABC song in English., And within five months they have mengoprek Android. Several workers have been previously turned off the camera feature on the tablet, and the kids knew there was a camera on the tablet and turn it to their dioprek way, "he added.

Currently Negroponte will continue to monitor what is happening in the village.

Just a note, OLPC is a program to provide special tablets and laptops free of charge to a number of children in undeveloped countries. Two villages in question is Wonchi and Wolonchete. It is about 150 miles from Addis Ababa.

Magically, Children's Literacy Ethiopia could crack Android