's Secret Beauty Face: Tahi Scrub Bird!

's Secret Beauty Face: Tahi Scrub Bird!:
Why Geisha in Japan are beautiful and smooth-faced? Now the secret has been uncovered, which scrubs bird droppings. Even Tom Cruise Victoria Bekcham and too often this treatment.

Now scrubs Such was the hype you know. Since this is the secret of the Geisha, now called Geisha facial.


Geisha facial is a facial or a facial treatment using bird droppings. This method is believed to be frequently used by geisha in the past to enhance and smooth the skin.

Bird droppings used are not just any bird droppings. Bird species used was the nightingale (nightingale), the manure is mixed with rice flour and water. The texture of coarse rice flour works to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation.

However, not all of nightingale droppings can be used for facial treatments. The basic ingredients for skin care is specially imported from breeding nightingales in Japan, as reported by Boldsky.

Nightangle or bird bul-bul

Nightingale was bred and fed in the form of organic seeds, so the manure produced one hundred percent organic. Sometimes, birds are bred nightingale is also fed caterpillars.

Manure produced can not be used directly, because they have to pass sterilization using UV light. This process is done to eliminate the odor by removing the urea content of impurities. Dirt that has been sterilized are then processed into powder and ready to be delivered and used.

Anyone interested in trying? But remember not just any bird droppings, yes. Later rather than face a sleek but instead of bird flu.


's Secret Beauty Face: Tahi Scrub Bird!
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