These sharks can Sensing Danger From Embryo

These sharks can Sensing Danger From Embryo:
Bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) sensitive species of sharks that live in shallow water western Pacific and can grow up to 1 meter more. Unlike other sharks, bamboo sharks gave birth to parent their children, but let go of embryonic life, such as sharks candidates are still webbed membrane. It took five months for the sharks out of the embryo.

That's how long they are susceptible to the dangers of predators, shark or other large fish that can be tasted the smell, the water current and the electric field produced the slightest movement.

"A lot of people think sharks are predators rather than prey," said biologist Stephen Kijura from Atlantic University, Florida. But for shark embryo, just sitting waiting to come out, obviously they are easy targets.

In the study, a team from the University of Western Australia demonstrates how small the baby sharks often prey to others must fend for themselves even in their earliest years.

A team of university-sized shark embryos observed were ready to burst 4-5 inches. When the team gave the signal mimicked the electrical field near the bamboo shark embryos, the creature stopped moving. They roll up the tail to close the body and silent - some embryos even freezes up almost a minute.

Silent action and freeze a type of prey to predator response when there are no other alternatives such as fight or flight.

When the baby shark to learn that the same electrical wave occurs repeatedly without consequences, they just froze in less time. That means they understand that the surrounding environment is not dangerous.

Of this behavior, the team stated this research could lead to the development of ways deter sharks without harming the creature. "Need more research investment to produce shark deterrent. Equipment beruga will also reduce the incidence of shark caught accidentally, keep them away from fishing equipment, so there is no need sharks die in vain.


These sharks can Sensing Danger From Embryo