They Sacrificing Lives of Others For Life

They Sacrificing Lives of Others For Life:
The sacrifice of life is to sacrifice one's life for the safety of others. Definitely not many people are willing to take risks like this. In real life, 7 of which are presented below.

1. Takeshi Miura and Miki Endo

Takeshi Miura and Miki Endo is a safety officer who was instrumental in the tsunami Japan occurred. They both continue to survive in the post and broadcast calling for all residents to flee immediately.

When the tsunami waves crashing only 10 feet away, these two officers will continue their broadcast warning, and this is done until the last moment they were both dead bodies swept waves.

2. Vincent Coleman

Halifax Explosion is a deadly explosion occurred in Nova Scotia, Canada. The explosion occurred when a ship loaded with ammunition collided with another ship that fire was devastating, and snatched up the land.

Vincent Coleman, a traffic operator train was at the station when the fire started grabbing. He survived and warn other trains to stop in order to avoid the flames. Warning did manage to prevent further fall of many victims, but he burned the fire.

3. Arland Williams

When Air Florida Flight 90 crashed into a frozen lake in the middle of a snow storm, almost all the passengers were killed and only six people survived. About 20 minutes later, a rescue helicopter arrived and threw tires savior to them.

Arland Williams the first to receive the tires savior. Strangely, he immediately gave to the side. The helicopter came back and threw another rescuer tires, but Arland keep doing the same thing to be repeated three times. Finally, at the last moment the helicopter came back, Arland was dead. He sacrificed his life for the safety of others.

4. 12 Russian scientists

Siege of Leningrad, Russia during World War II resulted in millions of people starved to death. Actually, there are 12 people who survived because scientists in laboratories Pavlovs seed bank there are many food sources.

In fact they prefer to die. The reason is because the seeds are indeed stored for future Russian generai assured her. Among scientists, there Stchukin Alexander, a specialist nuts are among the dead.

The story is reminiscent of the adage, "dead chicken rice." The difference, Russian scientists chose to die for the sake of the future of Russia.

5. Richard Rescorla

Richard Rescola is director of security at the Morgan Stanley building, located very close to the twin towers devastated when 9/11 attacks in the United States.

When the disaster happened, he immediately ordered everyone in the building out. He persisted until the last person had been evacuated. Consequently, Rescola dead on the spot. But the sacrifice had been rescued at least 2,500 people.

6. John Robert Fox

When World War II, Lt. John Robert Fox served in Italy. In the city Sommoclonia, troops must block the rate of the German army. Undaunted, Fox alone and facing forward with artillery.

However, these efforts must come to an end because of the invasion of the German army. When the men finally regain the Fox, Fox's body was lying in addition to approximately 100 enemy soldiers were killed. Although have to sacrifice lives, Fox succeeded in delaying the rate of German troops to the allied forces captured the city came.


7. Ryan Arnold

Ryan Arnold became a poignant example of a sacrifice for the survival of their siblings. When Chad divoni doctors should undergo a liver transplant, Ryan immediately checked himself, and the result was his best match sebaga donor.

Without thinking, Ryan volunteered to donate his heart taken in Chad. Sacrifice his life is full of risks, but he managed to keep his brother alive.


They Sacrificing Lives of Others For Life