This is the Most Deadly Sea Creatures

This is the Most Deadly Sea Creatures:
What is the most deadly sea creatures? The answer is the sea wasp or box jellyfish. Animal poison can cause death in humans.

Sea wasp in shape and tentacles with nematosit box, the rich in toxins. Poison species when injected in humans can lead to paralysis and death within just a few minutes after the sting.

There are 50 species of wasps in the world ocean. Species most poisonous sea wasps are wasps of Australia (Chironex fleckeri), found in the waters of Indi-Pacific. Sea wasp once the largest in the world. Diameter 31 cm body length reaching tentacles reaching 300 cm or 3 feet.

Box jellyfish are different from other jellyfish. Unique characteristics is the ability to swim.

Written National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sea wasps were able to swim with a speed of 7.4 km / h, while the other jellyfish just go with the flow. Sea wasps also have eye clusters so that they can see.

Scientists believe, with the ability to swim and see, sea wasps are able to hunt prey, mainly shrimp and small fish.


This is the Most Deadly Sea Creatures