Worse, it turns out There Tsunami Bomb Makers!!!

Worse, it turns out There Tsunami Bomb Makers!!!:
In order to win the war and become ruler of the world, was the great powers like the United States has plenty of weapons of mass destruction, one of them: Tsunami Bomb.

A New Zealand writer has found the evidence of the secret tests conducted by the United States and New Zealand during World War II. Bom is able to make a grand flooding in coastal cities in countries like the Allied enemy tsunami.


Ray Waru find material while digging at the data on the old military documents to his new book, Secrets and Treasures. Details of some historical artifacts available in the National Archives New Zealand in Wellington.

"It was absolutely amazing," said Waru. "The original idea was to develop weapons of mass destruction in the form of a tsunami similar effect ... and New Zealand seem to have developed to a level that is likely to be applied."

Dubbed "Project Seal", this project is a joint effort by the United States and New Zealand to develop a device that could rival the destructive power of the atomic bomb. According to the Telegraph, 3700 bomb detonated during tests that took place between 1944 and 1945 off the coast of New Caledonia and Auckland.

The results showed that a series of 10 explosions under the sea could create a tsunami as high as 33 feet or about 10 meters.

"Maybe if the atomic bomb did not work, they will make a grand tsunami in Japan," said Waru told The Telegraph.

Professor Thomas Leech of Auckland University doing intense contact with U.S. military officials. He is being touted to help conduct the experiment, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Tsunami bomb idea came earlier than 1944, according to the media. Leech was sent to Bikini Atoll to watch the atomic bomb tests in the early stages. Neil Kirton, a former colleague Leech, said, "In some cases I think it could be devastating."


Worse, it turns out There Tsunami Bomb Makers!!!