Yes Man, Pregnant prohibited until 2025?

Yes Man, Pregnant prohibited until 2025?:
Pregnant and having children is the right of every woman, there should not be prevented in the way. But in Florida, a mother pregnant again banned until 2025 as punishment for abandoning her four children.

Kimberly Lightsey (30 years), women who have abandoned their four children stated his approval of sanctions. The judge in Bartow, Florida, said the trial is valid for 13 years, which means up to 2025.

Initially, Lightsey who is a single parent to four children had bid, saying they wanted to have more children. However, in order to avoid imprisonment for 5 years, he also agreed to offer the judge not pregnant anymore.

"But you've got four children," the judge replied Lightsey bid, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (02/01/2013).

Sanctions should not be pregnant for the next 13 years imposed for a reason. Lightsey proven to have abandoned her four children in a hotel room only to attend a party. In fact one of his children is living with cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy.

The four poor children abandoned Lightsey were aged between 1 year to 11 years. A visitor who occupy the hotel room next door heard the stroller upside down and crying children are then immediately contacted the police.

Lightsey himself at that time was serving a sentence of probation on child beating cases against 6 year old son. The child was struck in the face with a belt in 2009. Not surprisingly, then immediately hauled Lightsey police after attending a party.

Apart from having to undergo pregnancy ban for 13 years, Lightsey also given house arrest and was required to undergo 100 hours of community service as punishment enhancements. After qualifying on probation for 13 years, he still has to meet several conditions that are not mentioned in more detail if you want to get pregnant again.

Yes Man, Pregnant prohibited until 2025?