10 Most Popular in Irish mythology

10 Most Popular in Irish mythology: Long history of Ireland is full of ancient mythology and folklore. The ancient Ireland, the Druids and ...

10 Most Popular in Irish mythology:
Long history of Ireland is full of ancient mythology and folklore. The ancient Ireland, the Druids and the Celtics believe in the power of magic, and a lot of confidence spread to the legend of the modern world in many countries.

Here are 10 most popular legend among the people of Ireland.

1. Banshee

Banshee is a woman who brings death as a sign to someone. Sometimes you see a Banshee as an old woman dressed in rags, sometimes you see it as a beautiful young girl, and sometimes you see it as a woman who was washing clothes with blood stains.

Every time she looks, she cried with a terrible voice, and according to legend, the crying will bring death to a family member who heard it.

One story says King James I of Scotland thought she was approached by a Banshee. Shortly after that, he died at the Earl, Atholl.

2. Pooka

The Pooka is a particular type of fairy hunchback who created havoc in the world. Pooka appeared at night in rural and coastal areas of Ireland. On a good day, Pooka would cause damage to agriculture, destroying fences and disturbing the animals. On a bad day, Pooka will be standing outside the farmhouse and called the people who were in the house with their name.

If anyone hooked out, Pooka will take them away. Pooka also love messing with the ship pulled away from the Irish. Pooka believed to be the cause of so many shipwrecks along the rocky coast.

3. Changelings

According to legend, fairy women often gave birth to children with disabilities. Because sound more pleasant fairy babies, they will go into the world and replace it with a healthy human baby, and leave Changeling. When Changeling looks like a human baby, he does not have the same emotional characteristics. Changeling was happy when misfortune and sadness going on in the house.

Changeling legend has lasted for centuries. William Shakespeare talks about his role in Changeling, "A Midsummer's Night Dream." "Three hundred years later, Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler's believed illegitimate child was a changeling in" Gone with the Wind. "

4. Dagda's Harp
In Irish mythology, Dagda was a high priest who has a large and beautiful harp. During the war, an enemy tribe stole Dagda harp and took her to an abandoned castle. Dagda followed tribe and was called to go to the location of his harp. Dagda came into his harp and began playing chordnya.

Harp music was issued a heartbreaking and everyone in the palace began to cry. Dagda struck another chord and play the harp, Music Mirth and all the soldiers started laughing. Dagda then played the final chord and harp music issued lull everyone, so the Dagda could escape unharmed with his magical harp.

5. The Children of Lir
The story of the children of Lir from Irish mythological cycle. Lir is the ruler of the sea. He has a wife and 4 children. When Lir's wife died, he married his wife's sister, Aoife. Aoife was jealous of the children of Lir and want to get rid of them.

One day Aoife took the children to the lake. While they swim, she cast a spell on them and change the children of Lir into swans. The children remain a swan by magic spells, until they heard the sound of church bells.

Geese swim from lakes, rivers and streams through many years of waiting for the bell, until St. Patrick came to Ireland and the kids can be free of the curse after 900 years later.

6. St Patrick

For most people, St. Patrick is the one who brings good days and green beer to pubs around the world. In fact, St. Patrick was not named Santo until many centuries after his death, and he was not Irish.

St. Patrick was born in Britain in a wealthy family. During his childhood, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. For many years in slavery, he converted to Christianity, and after his release, he spent the rest of his life teaching Irish about Christianity, but it was soon forgotten after his death.

It was not until many years later, the pastor began to tell the story of St Patrick which has forced all the snakes out of Ireland. Something that can never be done because it did not exist there snakes in Ireland.

7. Shamrock
3 green leaves of Shamrock over the unofficial symbol of Ireland and one of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. Shamrock has been the most meaningful to the historic Irish culture.

The Druids believed that Shamrock was a sacred plant that can ward off evil. Celtics believe Shamrock had mystical properties since 3 plants heart-shaped leaves. The Celtics believe that 3 is a sacred number. Some Christians also believe Shamrock has a special meaning, three leaves representing the Trinity.

8. Finn MacCool
Finn MacCool is a mythological warrior who appeared in Irish legend. One popular story tells of a salmon who knows all the knowledge in the world. Finn decides to eat salmon to get knowledge.

As he was cooking fish, juices spray out and burn fingers Finn. Finn put his thumb in his mouth to stop the pain instantly and directly to master the knowledge that belongs to the salmon. Since then, whenever Finn sucking his thumb, he gained whatever knowledge he sought.

  9. Faeries

Faeries exist in some form in mythology around the world, but there is a special form of fairies (fairies) from Ireland. Elf in Irish society regarded very lively, and far from perinya Peter Pan, Tinker Bell.

Irish fairies can take any shape he wants, but usually chose the human form. They are said to be beautiful, strong and hard to resist. And that is unfortunate because most fairies of Ireland is told often brings misfortune and bad luck to the people that he came.

10. Leprechaun
Leprechaun probably the most widely known types of different types of fairies that exist in Ireland. Leprechaun legend has existed in Ireland since the Middle Ages. Traditionally, the leprechaun is a fairy high and often appear to man as a parent, which is much different from the mainstream of modern fairy (small like a kid in a green outfit).

According to legend, leprechauns like to collect gold, which they keep in a pot and hide at the end of the rainbow. If the man managed to catch leprechauns, fairies must grant three wishes man before he can be released.




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