8 Countries Most Visited UFO

8 Countries Most Visited UFO:
Whether or not an alien in this world is still a mystery, but some people have reported if it has seen an alien or UFO in the area.

From various reports, the following 10 States have statistics about aliens ever visit. I do not know, why aliens happy to all places.

1. United States of America
Perhaps the most compelling evidence of alien visits to the United States is a large number of 'mass sighting' in U.S. airspace, the UFO sighting by multiple witnesses.

Newspaper archives 1997 / educatinghumanity.com

A perfect example of 'mass sighting' is an event in Phoenix lights off mass on March 13, 1997. More than a hundred witnesses went to the front of their respective homes. All the people claimed to have seen one shaped a 'triangular or V' hovering over the city of Phoenix, Arizona, on this evening.
It is estimated that between five and ten percent of the American population has seen what they describe as a UFO. The United States also holds the record for the highest number of reports of abductions by aliens.

2. Brazil
Meeting with Alien in Brazil reportedly due to some strange events, the story about Chupacabre. Alien Encounter with this often ends with someone getting seriously injured. It is said that no such thing as Colares UFO attack. That victim was attacked with a powerful laser beam that causes burns.
Perhaps the most unique is the attitude of the Brazilian government and the armed forces were forced to take seriously their UFO sightings. As if they know the aliens have some purpose which is not good.

When the city of Varginha UFO invaded in 1996, the Brazilian air force, police, firefighters and army units were mobilized, they should have arrested two aliens. While the details of this incident remain confidential.

Brazilian Air Force has released a large amount of information on UFOs, including the details of the so-called 'night UFO', where they launched fighter jets to intercept a UFO twenty incredible.

3. Russia
In 2009, the Russian Navy issued a file about UFOs, which revealed a series of UFO encounters of the Soviet era. Files tells how a Russian submarine stalking a UFO and UFO's to the surface and eventually fly to the sky.

One of the most remarkable stories revealed by the Navy file tells of a meeting with the aliens on Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake and the deepest, in 1982.

A group of military divers, who were practicing on the lake, it should find a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery current, at a depth of fifty meters. The divers chase and three divers died in the chase for the body pressure difference.

4. China
China (and Tibet autonomous regions) has a long history related to alien life, with several sightings dating back thousands of years. ancient myth tells of a flying machine (sometimes referred to as the pearl of the sky), is sometimes made by men, but more often by the gods.

Some ufologists, especially Hartwig Hausdorf, speculating that many stories in Chinese mythology the dragon is actually referring to extraterrestrial beings.

Chinese emperors sometimes arrested and taken to the train ride pulled by a flying dragon, and the gods themselves are said to have dropped out of the sky with a dragon. One emperor even achieve immortality because dragon captured and taken to fly into the sky. Hartwig Hausdorf even suggest that the entire Chinese civilization has been built around the influence of the alien.

Since the Cultural Revolution and China was ruled by a communist regime, recording evidence of UFO sightings more impossible published.

5. Canada

Many events in the country, ranging from something strange disappearing in the forest or crop circles aneh.Stefan Micholak, claiming he got burned by the exhaust reactor UFO in 1967.

Illustration incident Shag Harbour / roswellproof.com

It is most popular in Canada is incident Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, the visibility of an unidentified object crashed in the waters.

6. German
Some of the earliest UFO sightings occurred during World War II. All pilots were puzzled by the appearance of warplanes strange. Rumours desusnya is, the Nazis had a secret project to create a fighter. Although no known evidence of its truth.

7. France
In 2007 the French government made a policy that has not been done before, is compiling all the UFO files from the past, present, up to the future. They hope that UFOlogy will be able to explain that they can not explain before.

8. Indonesia
You would never think that if Indonesia included into this list, but Indonesia has reported a number of very much related to UFO sightings each year. The incident was awesome was when the Air Force UFO chase in Surabaya and tried to shoot him, but managed to avoid the UFO.

The news was circulated in July 2008, began when the surrounding community foundation Juanda saw a strange light. One witness, Rizqinofa M recounts son saw a strange object to produce a light like the light on Thursday (07/24/2008) at around 19:30 to 20:00 pm. In fact, she also ran her record it in YouTube.


8 Countries Most Visited UFO