Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It

Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It: Change of seasons is often a cause of hair loss and dry matter. Besides the weather, hair products made from chemicals also trigger severe hair loss.

Apparently there are important things that we often forget when caring for hair. The water we use to wash your hair can also be a source of loss itself. Here are five types of water that can trigger hair loss, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Chlorinated water


Chlorine is a disinfectant and oxidizing chemical that when added to water in the right amount will not damage hair. However, it will cause dryness of the hair, if it is used to wash it regularly.

Chlorine is usually used to keep the pool water clean. Thus, if you want to keep hair beautiful, it is advisable to wear headgear while swimming.

2. Water desalination


This type of water is used in many Middle Eastern countries are far from water sources. The process of desalination is done by removing the salt content of sea water, so the water undrinkable. However, this type of water is considered bad for your hair because it contains a number of high chlorine and sodium. Water use can cause hair to become frizzy, brittle and dryness, especially on the hair roots.

3. Rainwater


Due to high air pollution, rain water can make hair dull and dry. In addition, acid rain is also considered to be very harmful to your hair.

4. River or lake


Well water pumped from the river or lake is not good for hair health. This type of water contains less minerals and vulnerable to environmental pollution and contamination such as bacteria growth.

5. Water wells

Ground water comes from rain water that passes through the layers of the earth and settled in the basement. High amounts of minerals such as iron and magnesium are found in the soil can also be found in ground water. These minerals cause excessive dryness of the hair and makes it look dull.

Human hair has natural moisturizer, a protein called keratin and melanin that gives color to the hair. However, with the changing trends, many of us are experimenting on your hair.

The use of chemicals and harmful dyes can cause permanent damage and if the water that we use contain chemicals, hair loss gets worse. Therefore, it is very important to keep hair healthy by using natural products and inculcate habits of healthy eating and drinking.


Easy Hair Loss Due 5 Type Air It