How to Know the Birds Pigeons Way Round?

How to Know the Birds Pigeons Way Round?:
Pigeons or doves are special pet birds, as released anywhere can find his way home. Not surprisingly, pigeons for centuries used as bird postal mail carrier.

Over the decades, scientists are figuring out the navigation system that was developed in these animals. Is this animal can record a map like google earth map?

Later they developed a newly revealed map acoustic systems. In the Journal of Experimental Biology, Head of Research, Dr Jonathan Hagstrum, of the U.S. Geological Survey, said the birds are creating a map of the acoustic environment around them. Although this hypothesis is still a matter of debate among experts.

How research methods?

Professor Bill Keeton of Cornell University seeks to understand the ability of pigeons to find a way back to the places they've visited. He released a number of birds in the state of New York, but found that the birds were flown in Jersey Hill, near Ithaca, became disoriented and flew aimlessly.

This event occurs repeatedly, apart from an incident on August 13, 1969, where birds can come back again to where they were. "Birds fly by using a compass and map. Compass is used normally position of the Sun and the Earth's magnetic field, but the map used is unknown for decades," explains Dr Hagstrum

"I have found that they use their voice as a map ... and this will explain them in touch with her." Pigeons, he said, using "infra-sound", which is a very low frequency sounds that are not captured by the human hearing apparatus.

He explained: "The voice of the original ocean. Wave in the ocean in influencing and they created the sound between the atmosphere and the Earth. Energy you can take it anywhere on Earth, even in the center of the mainland."

He believes when the birds are released in unfamiliar territory, they listen to the sound of infra sinyak from home - and then use it to determine their attitudes. However, infra sound can be influenced by changes in the atmosphere.

Why some birds can not be released to return home to New York? "Structure of the temperature and wind in the atmosphere above New York has turned the corner on Jersey Hill," he explained. This means that birds can not hear it and get lost. Infra sound disturbed the puzzle to explain how birds to find their way home, and this explains why there are cases of pigeons could not find his way home.


How to Know the Birds Pigeons Way Round?