Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1)

Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1):
Paranormal phenomena, which are often associated with the world of the 'other' lot is told from time to time. Many of them became urban legend, or the scope of "trust not believe it."

Some of the story below is a report that was published in the news media in the past. At least, this is the real ever recorded. Because it is too long, How Are You World dividing it into two parts. This is the first part.

1. Ghost Ship of the Frozen North (1931)

Baychimo, a weighing 1322 ton steamship owned trading company Hudson Bay Trading Co. a route from Alaska to British Columbia used to transport goods and passengers.

On October 1, 1931, the ship returned to Vancouver. It's unfortunate, stuck in the middle of the journey Baychimoo winter arrived very quickly, so it stuck in the frozen seas. The captain and crew are helpless but to wait for help.

On 15 October, the company sends aid rescue plane. However, at the beginning of flight could only carry 22 people. The captain and 14 crew was forced others to build a shelter on the ice.

Very bad weather, storms are common. They had to wait weeks on the ice is frozen. On 25 November, after the storm passed, the captain and the crew were surprised to see their ship, Baychimo, vanished.

A few days later, a seal hunter claims to have seen a ship afloat on the high seas. The distance is 44 miles (71 km) from the original. And, over the years numerous reports of sightings Baychimo continues until the last time seen in 1969 and the fate of the 'ghost ship' was now remains a mystery.

2. Pascagoula Phantom Barber

In June 1942, a resident of Pascagoula, Mississippi struck by terror scary. That mysterious figure dubbed Phantom barbers Barber, because it operates like a ghost midnight.

The main objective blonde girls. The way it works with in like a thief, through the window and cut the hair of the household were asleep. He never took things other than hair.

His first victim of two young girls in a convent, and a 6 year old girl, and continued so terror terrible position in Pascagoula. Police were puzzled. $ 300 reward offered for those who can provide information and assistance dogs can not reveal the identity of the perpetrator.

An incident that occurred at the couple's home with the arrest of Terrell Heidelburg dikatikan Phantom Barber. One night, this family home dimasukki someone through the window and ambushed the couple Terrell. The wife is unconscious, while her husband was brutally beaten. Fortunately both survived. Two months later, police arrested William A. Dolan, a clam as the prime suspect.

Dolan's residence was searched and police found a few strands of hair so as if the case of the 'ghost hair' is complete. In fact, Dolan continues to deny the allegations but could not escape the charges of attacking pair Terrel. In addition it is very difficult to measure the Phantom Barber snared by law, because the ghost is never touched or made violent than their hair. This case was mysteriously fizzled.

3. The House of Blood (1987)

William and Minnie Winston was an elderly couple who lived in a rental home in Atlanta, Georgia. On the night of 8 September 1987, Minnie saw blood splattered bathroom. He immediately told her husband to check.

How shocked they were to see blood splotches appeared in many of the rooms, from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and hallways. The blood spots just show up on the wall.

They finally reported the strange incident at the local police. Initially, the police did not believe and think it is a joke William alone. Later, when blood samples were taken, the laboratory results indicate that the blood is human blood, blood type O, while the husband and wife's blood group A.

This case is not revealed, or maybe shut up. Since a few years later William and Minnie Winston moved to a new home. Home 'bloody' is said to have rented to someone else and no news after that creepy.

4. The Guyra Ghost (1921)

On 8 April 1921, the Bowen family in Guyra, New South Wales, Australia, suddenly terrorized by attacks hail. The local police were contacted to investigate the incident.

Every night thereafter, the police arrived on patrol, and even special forces were deployed guard house. Surprisingly, the attacks continue to hit the rocks, and out of nowhere. Police frantically looking for the source. They give up.

When the attacks continue to occur for days, one of the family's daughters, Minnie who was 12 years old went home and claimed he did this to scare his older brother. Of course, this explanation can not be accepted by the authorities.

Strangely, when he was sent back to Glenn Innes to visit her grandmother, attacks 'Poltergeist' is returned, the house showered with rocks. In early August, when Minnie was summoned home, stone attack began to subside and eventually stop.

This case just disappear, with no one able to reveal. Because Minnie Bowen after marriage never tell what really happened, and how this phenomenon arises. Is there any influence of evil spirits around Minni as a child? There was never revealed.

5. Eleanore Zugun (1925)

Eleanor Zugun, 12-year-old girl had a strange incident on him. It started when he was staying at his grandmother's house in Romania. One day, a sudden pins and needles flew across the room and stabbed Eleanor skin. Objects scattered around. Broken plates, a large vessel of water into the air and fell shattered just a few meters from Eleanor. His grandmother Eleanore believed was possessed by an evil spirit.

A few months later, Eleanore was sent to a convent for an exorcism, but to no avail. The priests Eleanore finally sent to a mental hospital. The paper also contains the story.

Furthermore, Eleanor was taken to the Countess Zoe Wassiliko-Serecky in Vienna. Countess is a protector of Eleanore and trained as a hairdresser, because he knew Eleanor was not crazy and not properly restrained in a mental hospital.

Strange, Eleanor seranga on increasing. He slapped, bitten, hair pulled, and a variety of objects flying towards him with the purpose of injuring him. Countess puzzled by this phenomenon, because he saw a black shadow moving around the little girl before this phenomenon occurs.

Eleanore finally brought to the National Laboratory of Psychical Research in London. The attacks continue to occur, namu when he was 14 years old, a strange phenomenon is stopped and the next Eleanor normal life.

Paranormal phenomena are Fixed 10 Mysteries (Sec. 1)