Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?

Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?:
Like a bird species known so far to be the ancestors of birds was not the first birds. Formerly, there were hairy species in the dinosaur age is believed to be an ancient species of birds that exist today.

The findings of these feathered dinosaurs and change the way people see the birds and their evolution.
Fossil birds along 30 cm to be strong evidence that there was a bird that explore the Earth's skies in the dinosaur era. Presence against avian origin for this species.

Previously, scientists believed that birds evolved from dinosaurs similar theropods, from the early Cretaceous era, about 120-130 million years ago.

However, the new findings in the area of ​​Northeast China was much older than the theropod that lived in the middle Jurassic.

Scientists estimate Earth Eosinopteryx are more than 145 million years ago.

"This discovery further doubt on previous theories, the famous fossil Archaeoptryx and touted as the first bird., And these findings are very important for the evolution of modern birds," says Dr Gareth Dyke, a senior lecturer for Vertebrate Palaeontology of the University of Southampton.

"These findings also showed that the origin of birds or poultry is much more complex than previously thought," said Dyke.

According to the analysis of the fossil, ancient birds Eosinopteryx have hairy bodies and can not fly. Therefore, the wings are too small, and besides bone structure limits its ability to flap its wings.

Such is the Oldest Bird Arts in History?