These beasts Eternal Life

These beasts Eternal Life:
Should every creature on this earth has a beginning and an end, life and death. But for this one animal that does not seem to apply, because he could live forever.

Turritopsis Nutricula, otherwise known as the immortal jellyfish. As the name implies, the jellyfish got its own uniqueness. When mature, these jellyfish can go back to the polyp stage and then grow again from the beginning.
This is possible because the immortal jellyfish is able to develop cell transdifferentiation, cells that turn into new cells. In this process, the tentacles of the jellyfish immortal transformed into a new polyp. Theoretically, this process can continue indefinitely.

Immortal jellyfish is shaped like a bell, with a maximum diameter of about 4.5 millimeters. In no part of the abdomen bright red. In young specimens, only has eight tentacles only, while the adult can grow up to 80-90 tentacles.

Believed to originate from the Caribbean, but it has spread throughout the world. Generally in the tropical oceans. Although referred to as immortal jellyfish, in fact, in the wild they have to die because of predation by predators and disease.


These beasts Eternal Life