This 7 Tier Hacker

This 7 Tier Hacker:
In the world of computers and the internet, hackers is not a familiar name. Pekerjannya was hacked data, information or security system to control it. In tingkatanya, turns Hacker divided into several groups. What are they?

1. Script Kiddies
This group is a group beginner or newbie to hacking the website or other systems using a program that has been created by hackers earlier and experienced.

Script Kiddies just use these programs without having to try to make a new program. The majority, they only understand the basic concepts of hacking only. Most of the Script Kiddies perform an action on the basis of whim and did not do it for some reason. Arguably just as the search for identity in the world of hacking.

2. Hacking Group
Hacking Group is a collection of people as well as Script Kiddies are united for a specific purpose. They will feel stronger when the power, experience and skills they have combined in one group.

The majority of people in the Hacking Group action with specific objectives of the course but to seek popularity, they also make a profit. In Hacking Group is still classified in several categories such as Defacer, Cracker and Carder.

Defacer are a group who loves to change the look of the website in order to show the existence of the group and to voice their aspirations.

Cracker is a group that does not focus on the assault of a website. This group seeks only to find loopholes a paid software that can be used freely and for free.

Carder is a hacking group that focuses on online stores or banks. By hacking the online store or a bank, they will get the customer's credit card information in order to use the site to shop for other items they need.

3. Hacktivist
Hacktivist is a group of people who have the same vision and mission. They average the expertise, skills and experience that high. The group is holding an action with political and social goals. One example of this is when the famous hacktivist Anonymous also has a 'branch' in each country.

4. Black Hat Professionals
This group is a group that good at coding. This group can not be destroyed or can also be found easily. They will continue to grow and develop. On average, one group is an enemy of the government and businessmen.

5. Organized Criminal Gangs
Group one is arguably dangerous group because they are directly under criminal gangs. People in this category are the chosen people who have expertise in above average. They act gently so that the police-would be difficult to detect or catch too.

6. Nation States
One group was arguably more organized and hidden. During the action they target critical infrastructure such as government, public, financial and military. One example is the emergence of viruses flame that could make a scene in the middle of the Iranian government in 2012 ago.

7. The Automated Tool
People who fall into this category is the dangerous virus makers can also infect a website or program for certain electronic devices (PC and mobile device). The group was also divided into categories on the basis of the level of experience and ability.

According, to ward off an attack from the seven groups are expected to understand the characteristics of the attackers before making deterrence or defense as well.


This 7 Tier Hacker