Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ

Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ:
Intelligence is a godsend, said some people who believe in it. Meanwhile, on the other hand said that intelligence could be trained. But not a few who say that intelligence is only possessed by human beings whose name, so no one is not smart.

Because human nature is to lead one of them then started researched and developed intelligence. The results are Charles Spearman (1904) with "Two Factor" theory of his and Thurstone, with "Primary Mental Abilities" him, generating grouping of human intelligence which then dianggung glorifying the Intelligent Quotient (IQ).


However, when the empire collapsed IQ Daniel Goleman popularized in 1999 another type of intelligence called Emotional Quotient (EQ). The successful man is not determined by IQ but EQ.

According to Anthony Dio Martin, in his article "Increase Profits By Improving EQ The company's Manager", many CEOs (chief executive officer) of large and small companies that have a very low EQ.

This is on top because they are chosen to occupy the top position on the achievement of targets or looking for maximum profit within a short time. CEO looks primarily reflected mastery makes statistics, articulate, and able to hit the target on schedule.

According to Anthony, CEO characteristics with low EQ is:

1. Having excessive self-awareness. CEO category usually selfish, have high self-reference (self-reference is the source), or in his mind always heard "I think I'm OK, means must be implemented, and should be OK."

2. Self-management is low. CEOs like this usually can not control themselves so have seemed emotional, greedy, reactive, and has the mantra "If I wants like this, it means to be like this is what happened!"

Some other features that are related to social-awareness, in which the most prominent is the attitude of non peduliannya on the surrounding environment, more sensitivity to the feelings of the people around them do not have.

CEOs who have one of the above characteristics will of course have a low ability to empathize, so his listening skills were also poor. No CEO does not have a higher education, even his IQ is high, do not stop learning, so well honed his speaking ability. Happens they included talk the talk and not walk the talk.

According to him again, in the business not only needed business strategy, the manager emotional intelligence should be a virtue. And by Travis Bradberry, author of "Emotional Intelligence 2.0", "... Many CEOs are being Promoted for being a good financial manager, not as people managers." In other words, during this guide to choose the CEO based on business interests alone, great as financial managers and not the clever to manage human beings lead.


Want So Good Leader? Not Just IQ but EQ