Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?

Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?:
Owls as nocturnal animals - for food at night has keistimewan could turn his neck to 270 degrees. Why did it get like this? Over the years the puzzle so the world of science.

Now, researchers have solved the mystery of how the owl can rotate its neck to 270 degrees, without the slightest injury.

In a study published in the journal Science, the researchers found that the owl has a bone structure and circulatory system are unique, so it can support a large head.

Strigiformes scientifically named species has a large cavity in the cervical vertebrae, which houses the arteries. Great room that makes the blood vessels are not hampered when the bird is turning his neck.


"Great room that allows blood vessels to keep blood supply to the brain and the eyes while its head was spinning," said the brain specialist, Dr. Philippe Gailloud, Senior Researcher of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The findings of this study are obtained after the researchers tested by injecting liquid dye into the blood vessels of the dead owl.

When the owl's head turned, the blood vessels in the neck bone will grow and make a liquid dye entry. "The puddle of blood that makes energy supply to the brain and eyes of owls stay awake," said Gailloud.


Why Can Owl 270 Degrees Rotating Neck?