Why Man Cry?

Why Man Cry?:
Almost no man who never cry, because crying is a natural tendency of any manusia.Sekuat someone's heart, does not mean he never cries.

Crying is more complex in humans than in animals. There are a lot of emotions to be involved in it. In animals, it seems to take on the role tears biological functions. But in humans, cried another take on additional functions. Humans can shed tears of joy, anger, and for a variety of other emotions. But, most often, reflecting tears of sadness.

Professor Trimble of the University College London Institute of Neurology, said the phenomenon of human cry of communication is unique. So he was interested to find out. "People cry for many reasons," he said.

He has written a new book, Why Humans Like To Cry, which attempts to explain the mystery of why humans are the only creatures that shed tears because of the influence of emotion. He hopes that this work will provide a lot of information.

Crying is a natural response to feelings of suffering, but also feel the love of others. "We should not be afraid of our emotions, particularly those associated with love. This ability to feel empathy," he said.

Assessing phenomena neuroscience perspective, Professor Trimble suggests that emotional crying emerged in humans as a turning point toward evolution. He believes that the emergence of emotional crying is connected with self-awareness and the development of theoretical thought. This led to the realization that self and others can suffer, feel sadness, and loss.

Biologically, tears it takes to keep the eye to keep it moist and contains proteins and other substances. It used to be eyeball to stay healthy and fight off infections.

Crying and Health
Crying is the expression of emotion is believed to increase kesehatan.Hal triggered tears when crying out contains manganese and the hormone prolactin, which tends to increase when a person is hit by frustration / depression. The release of both substances from the body automatically lowers depression that was suffered.


According to Oren Hasson, a scientist of the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, revealed that crying can serve as a barrier to one's own aggressiveness. With tears someone actually lowers the center of defense mechanisms and give himself the symbol he was being surrendered.

In the group relationships, crying can be considered as a form of alignment with each other. Because of this reason that crying can make relationships closer together, so as to foster a more lasting friendships.

There are 3 types of tears. Firstly, basal tears are produced for regular eye melubrikasi. Both are tears coming out as a reflex triggered by irritation that can result from onions or other influences. And third is the tears that came under the influence of emotion.

It is this last type of tear that has substance manganese and the hormone prolactin tertinggi.Jadi when someone is crying because of the emotions that hit him, tears are intuitively reduce feelings of depression that existed until the body reaches a stable condition.

Crying has 7 main functions, namely:

1. Kill bacteria
Tears serve as a natural antibacterial. Contained in the tear fluid called lisozom to kill about 90% - 95% of the bacteria that is left of the computer keyboard, railings, sneezing and places that contain bacteria, in just 5 minutes.

2. Assist Vision
Discharge from the eyes to prevent dehydration in the eye membrane that can make the vision becomes blurred.

3. Improve Mood
Someone who cry to lower levels of depression. Because with crying, mood will be lifted again. Tears resulting from the type of cry because the emotion it contains 24% protein albumin are useful in regulating the body's metabolic system than tears resulting from irritation of the eyes.

4. Removing Toxins
A biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies about tears and found that the tears that came out of the emotional crying because it turned out to contain poison. But make no mistake, the poisoned tears it signifies that it carries toxins from the body and release it through the eyes.

5. Reduce Stress
How crying can reduce stress? Aiir eyes really like sweat and tears well in the exercise to relieve stress. Tears were also secrete stress hormones contained in the body of the endorphin leucine-enkaphalin and prolactin. In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also help fight diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and peptic ulcers.

6. Community Building
In addition to good physical health, crying can also help a person to build a community. Usually someone in tears after telling the problem in front of his friends or seseorang.Ini is the entrance for you to communicate and ask for the problem or trying to help. And it can improve the ability to communicate and socialize.

7. Relieve Feelings

Everyone was nice to feel that way. Although you suffered a variety of problems and trials, but after crying usually appears relieved. After crying, the limbic system, the brain and the heart will be smooth, and it makes a person feel better and relieved.

Why Man Cry?