10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World

10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World:
Getting married does not just give promises when the contract, or 'vow' in the church, and exchange rings and the reception afterwards. Often a lot of tradition involved is held on the day sacred. Of the various traditions that exist, presented unique 10 below.

1. Rumbling

This tradition is called Charivari. It could be a wedding tradition most 'disturbing'. How not, the home of the bride will be visited by relatives and neighbors and they make noise segaduh possible. For example, banging pots and pans.

This tradition has been around since medieval times, but the possibility existed long before that time. Charivari traditions exist in several locations scattered in France, usually begins after the wedding vows (vow) is taken.

2. Ring in Pedicure

Usually the wedding, the couple pinned ring finger. Not so with the Hindu tradition Bichiya implement. For people who are newly married, one bride put the wedding ring on the finger partner.

Usually wedding rings are made of silver and worn pinned on the bride's toes. Therefore, if you see women who wear a ring like this, chances are he is a married man and a tradition Bichiya.

3. Three Days Without Toilet

This one feels the most unique traditions and absurd. Bride and groom should not use the shower or toilet for 3 days and 3 nights. When they break, then their marriage would be doomed. Starting from the death of a child born, or even so barren.

Usually brides who carry this tradition was only given a little water to drink every day so they are strong menjalaninnya. And do not be surprised, the perpetrator is not far from the traditions of our country. Namely in Tidong, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

4. Dancing with the Bride

In Poland there is a wedding tradition that allows all guests to dance with the bride. At the reception, her father would start dancing with his daughter who became the bride, and his brother will distribute fabric (apron) to the guests.

Those who put the money will get a chance to dance with the bride. Until it's time the groom will throw his wallet so that outperforms all the other guests in the money. When this is a sign that he would bring his wife to go for a honeymoon.

Well, be sure to have money in your wallet if you want to marry a Polish woman, yes .. hehehe

5. Throw Ritual Plate
It is not known for sure where the original tradition applies the first time, as there are in some countries. The ritual of throwing plates made by the bride and groom as a sign that, they would get their marriage impede the ark. So, by throwing plates at marriage, it is believed to be preparing a variety of possible unpleasant future. As well as the hope that they'll get lucky and lasting throughout life.

6. Bride Kidnapping

The tradition of bride kidnapping also includes the rituals that were held in various regions of the world, in their own way. For example, in Europe, in the Romani Gypsies and you are still doing this ritual. For them, the kidnapped bride who wants to be married and still keep it together for 2-3 days, then she would be willing to be a wife.

While in our country, the tradition of bride kidnapping like this can be found in the area of ​​Lombok and Lampung.

7. Married with Animals

In some parts of India, there is a belief that, if there is a baby girl who had a tooth with a root on the upper gums, a sign that one day he would be killed the tiger, or other scary things. This is a picture of how the influence of evil (ghost) hated it.

The only way to avert the possibility to marry animals. Fortunately this is not a wedding ritual wedding ceremony seriously. That is, just as the ritual as a repellent of evil spirits. After that, she can marry the man she loved.

8. Flushing fluid Rotten

Rituals like this one birthday tradition in some places our country. In Scotland, a bride to be married, before the day of the marriage ceremony takes place will get a surprise from relatives.

He will suddenly foul liquid doused from head to toe. Ranging from rotten eggs, various sauces, anything that makes us hold nausea. The purpose of this tradition that the bride shunned from various evil influences.

9. Skip the Broom Handle

Possible ritual jump the broom handle many western people do. Jump over the broomstick goal during the wedding ceremony is, as the beginning of their new life, "sweep" of life in the past. It is also a sign of union of two families, as well as an homage to the ancestors.

10. At Foot

Ritual at the foot can be found in South Korea. Usually, after the wedding ceremony, the shoes and socks are removed by the groom's friends. Then tie the rope around her ankles.

When these friends of the groom will begin hitting the soles of his feet with yellow Corvina fish. In turn they will continue to land a punch without stopping. The goal is, to be strong when the groom first night.


10 Unique Wedding Traditions in the World