NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors

NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors: Planet Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and may be seen by the human eye as the moon the Earth. But surprisingly NASA Mercury published a different appearance that we believe over the years.

Planet Mercury is mapped by NASA's Messenger satellite appeared to have beautiful colors. Variations in the color that signifies the composition, this small planet has different types of rocks on the surface.

Instruments spacecraft NASA's Messenger also said there are a variety of chemicals and minerals. NASA Satellite Messenger describes the actual appearance of the planet Mercury, "This is the eccentric planet," said David Blewett of the Johns Hopkins University, told the meeting of the American Journalists Association Advancement of Science (Advancement of Science meeting) in Boston last week.

Mercury is the smallest planet of the eight planets of our solar system, because Pluto is no longer considered a full planet. Smallest planet also has a global magnetic field like that on Earth, Venus and Mars. Color variations planet indicate the composition of minerals, rocks and chemicals at the surface.

In this image released by NASA on Friday, from collision meteor impact basins seen on the top of the Mercury, and the bright orange color indicates the volcanic plains. While the orange spots and a small brown spot where the material is stored due to erosion by a volcanic eruption.

NASA study in December of last year showed the ice and organic material in the craters at the poles of the permanent planet Mercury. Collision of meteors visible at the top Mercury

NASA Satellite Messenger conduct primary mapping mission in March 2012 for a year, and now his mission is to make a more detailed survey. Here are pictures of another planet Mercury taken by NASA's Messenger satellite:


NASA Releases Image of Mercury With Beautiful Colors