Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead

Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead:
A new discovery could guess when we will die. Similar appliance testers pregnancy test pack.

As reported in the dailymail, new testing methods will soon be available in stores in the UK is able to measure the composition of the tip of chromosome one, called telomeres, through a blood test. Telomeres is believed to researchers as one of the indicators of aging cells that are most significant and accurate. When the aging cell reaches a certain level, that could mean the end of your body move.

Of course, outside of things like unforeseen accidents or malignant disease suddenly attacked. With telemore, test biological age may be one clue when age will end. Or in other words, know when to die.

Maria Blasco, of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid is the inventor of the new commercial telomere test. Furthermore Blasco explains, that older and younger biological age of a person can be measured by the length of their telomeres, and it may differ from the real age of a person.
For example, 65-year-old man could be a younger biological age than men aged 45 years, which means the 45-year-old was likely to have shorter. The longer the telomere, the longer you age.

Simply put, these telomeres that protect your DNA from damage and disruption. Along with the heavy duty, the telomeres from shortening. At middle age and above, depreciation reached a point where they are no longer able to protect the DNA and the situation will worsen when the body's cells begin to divide. The impact is going to loose your skin and wrinkles, immune system becomes ineffective, and spread on the body the more severe disorders such as diabetes and heart disease.

Is it expensive to 'peek' time of your death? In the UK this test method for 400 pounds, while prices for commercial test pack is still not reported.


Telomere, Tools For Knowing When We Dead