When Robots Forming Band

When Robots Forming Band:
Technological advances more and put a robot in every facet of human life, to the music world had to accept the presence of the robot.

Captured! by Robots, thus the name of the band that is 90% manned the robot. Only one member of a truly human. An entertainment website wrote the following, "The concerns people in the past would have dominance par machines and robots are now realized. The robots have mengivansi music world by forming a band."

Truly Captured! by Robots is a touring musical comedy project that has existed since 1997. Yes, it has been more than 15 years. Members quite complete, including robots brass players - brass section.

In a variety of performances, often showcased that robots were initially ruled by JBOT, a man (musician Jay Vance). However, the robots revolt and instead turned to enslave humanity.

There is a unique message from the band's formation, the man explained that not to be enslaved by the machine. See a clip below their performances.


When Robots Forming Band