World moo Telepathy

World moo Telepathy:
Telepathy, remote communication sciences have been associated with the spiritual world. Can the world of science to answer? What exactly is telepathy?

Etymologically, the word telepathy comes from the word "TELE" which means "Far" and the word "pathos" meaning "feeling". Because it can be concluded that telepathy is an ability to feel everything from afar.  
Knowingly or not, we actually often experience symptoms of telepathy is. Symptoms such as when to say something to a friend, but at the same time our friend was saying the same words we want to say.

The example above, was impressed as an event that could occur due to aspects of coincidence. This assessment is not entirely wrong. But behind what is considered to be a coincidence that, behold the power of telepathy is working affect neural reflex vertices us.

In the 18th century, there was a Swedish scholar named Emanuel Swedenborg are interested Occultisme. Once upon a time he was in a meeting with a number of scholars. But suddenly he left the meeting and immediately ran out, saying there was a fire in Stockholm.

Seeing strange shown by Emanuel's, obviously the audience thought he was crazy again. But later one hour later, there was news of a fire in Stockholm was great and burned many houses in the city that included a meeting Emanuel.

Perhaps, we consider the events or anything like that mediocre. Yes we may consider, once again just coincidence. But this kind of symptoms that developed into a science that we know as the science of telepathy.

Telapati View of Scientific

Telepathy can be proven scientifically, at least from the results of several experiments scientists recently.

Scientists from Duke University, North Carolina, USA conducted a study using mice. They make rough shape telapati in animals that allows a pair of rats received instructions to use their minds.

By using a microchip implanted in their brains to communicate with each copy, a pair of mice are able to collaborate and solve simple puzzles, although in one experiment they were thousands of miles apart.

Researchers claim that this is the first study connecting the brain to the brain (brain-to-brain interface). This success raised hopes that one day animals and humans can read each other's thoughts.

"As far as we can tell, these findings demonstrate for the first time that a direct channel of information changes behavior can be established between the two brains of animals without using any form of communication," says a researcher, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Lead researcher, Miguel Nicolelis, said the study is the first step towards linking the diverse minds to be 'brain network' that enables the sharing of information among groups of animals. "We can not even predict what kind of properties that arise when animals begin to interact as part of the network of the brain," says Miguel.

"In theory, you can imagine that the combination of a number of the brain where the brain will provide individual solutions can not achieve it alone," he said.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the scientists implanted electrodes in the brains of mice microscopic allowing the mice intsruksi working from the other mice, even though both mice were far apart.

The first rat called 'encoder', thinking to find water in kandangannya to respond a certain light and hit the lever. The brain is connected to a second rat, which is referred to as the 'decoder', who were not given the signal light. Well, although not given the signal light, the second rat brain relies on instructions and he pressed the right lever. This demonstration shows that the second rat was guided by the thought of the other mice.

The second test involves two separate mice Durham, USA, and Natal, Brazil. By recording brain signals from the first mouse signals and transmits it over the internet to the other mice, scientists are able to change the behavior of the second rat.

How to Train Telepathy?

There are many theories how to learn telepathy. Many are connecting with the spiritual world, so there are some restrictions in accordance beliefs held.

We will not discuss how telepathy from that side, but trying to take a middle ground acceptable to logic. It is most needed in learning telepathy is trained suggestion.

When performing a suggestion we should be able to unite and align with the will of our inner speech. Here we can use the suggestions short, dense and contain. Suggestions that have been programmed to be stored and recorded in our subconscious, do not try to change it because the concentration will obviously disturbed. It also meant that our subconscious is accustomed to receiving suggestions or positive suggestion. Because basically the inner strength to work according to what is ordered by our unconscious first. So before mensugesti others we must mensugesti mind and our unconscious first.

Suggestion could be belief that any suggestion that you send to other people would be able to influence the subconscious of the person.

How to train concentration
Concentration is required when performing telepathy, because the concentrate which was instrumental for achieving the object to target. However, to achieve concentrations sempurnah one should diligently practice. Among those exercises you can do by reading a book while listening to the radio.

Try to concentrate on reading the book so did not hear again the voice of the radio. very nice if you could read the alphabet back and forth without one pronounce. This means almost perfect. If you've already been through means you will be easy to carry out concentration and telepathy.

An expert telepathy is highly charged must be able to concentrate and create inner visualization of the goal object. Visualization can be shaped light with a telepathic link between objects. Here is necessary to explain that when you concentrate should be able to bring the picture of the person who will be your object, with a record of the image must be clear and not intermittent.

Once you have mastered all these then filled with the suggestion that be your goal. In everyday life you probably never seen or experienced a psychic who can read people's minds to his interlocutor. For the layman this may very amazing at all, but not so with those who master the science of telepathy. It is very reasonable for anyone to master telepathy, or at least have been able mensugesti subconscious.


World moo Telepathy