7 Animals As Sentient Presence Subtle Signs

7 Animals As Sentient Presence Subtle Signs:
The presence of spirits, ghosts or jinn, not everyone can feel it. Only those blessed with the indigo-6 sense to have this ability.
In addition, although there are also people who can not see astral beings, they can feel confident and there is something strange about the brand via certain natural signs. One of the symbols of nature that could indicate the existence of supernatural beings is the behavior of the animals around us. What are they?

1. Lizard
Not many people are like lizards. Lizard is one animal that contains many unique and myths still believed in Indonesia. One of the myths that exist is if you go into a room and the lizard fell right in your head, then you have to catch and kill or throw it somewhere because if not, then the father will die.

In addition, the lizard could also indicate the existence of supernatural beings like kuntilanak. That said, if you are in a room and suddenly the lizard came in with sounds, then there were spirits present.

2. Firefly

The fireflies may be considered as an animal that can add romance atmosphere. Animals called fireflies is a beautiful insect being able to blink beautiful light like a star. But behind the beauty of it, fireflies have a pretty scary myth.

Fireflies are often referred to as the nails of the dead or the devil incarnate. Although the shape is clearly a bug, but the animal is still blinking lights often so questions and debate among researchers.

3. Cock
Among all the creatures that contain myth, maybe a rooster is one which contains the best myths. You may not infrequently hear chickens crowing. But what if he crowed before the morning alias in the middle of the night or early morning long before dawn?

Perhaps the first myth, when the rooster crows before his time, it was a girl pregnant out of wedlock. However, it may not be how credible than the myth of a second better. When you hear a rooster crowing in the middle of the night, you'd better pray because chickens are looking at an angel

4. Gecko
Besides lizards, other reptiles, and preferably less intriguing is the gecko. Animals which one is supposedly associated with witchcraft. Some are even saying that the gecko is a beast or devil incarnate genie. Myth is not much different from the gecko lizard. When you hear a gecko sounds, reportedly at the site was guarded by spirits.

5. Dog
Dogs are one of the animals most commonly kept as pets. Perhaps we often exasperated with a cute dog behavior, but when you hear it howling or barking in the middle of the night then you should be careful.

In contrast to the cock crowing at midnight, when a dog barking in the middle of the night, it may not be because he saw a stranger who intend evil, but can be an alarm for the existence of spirits.

6. Crow
There are several kinds of birds that signify something bad about synonymous with death and spirits. The first bird was an owl. This bird is often used in horror films and is believed to be a ghost pet bird with a terrible eyes and regarded as a symbol of death.

Other birds that Dares birds and crows. It is said that when in your home Dares chirping birds circling, then it shows there will be people who died. The crow is also rumored to be a bird that gives a bad sign about the death.

7. Black cat
In some European countries, especially black cats considered a mystical creature. This is because they believe that the cat was witch incarnation. Not a few people who believe that cats are animals jinxed although some stores are using symbols cats and cats as good luck. In addition, the black cat through the body is considered as a poor omen.


7 Animals As Sentient Presence Subtle Signs