7 Ideas Creative Beauty of Used Goods

7 Ideas Creative Beauty of Used Goods: Used goods at home often end up in the trash. Although perhaps had thought to use it, but so what?

Some of the ideas below might be an inspiration in processing the used items. No need to be a professional artist to create these items below.

1. Bulb Vase

Still wearing the bulb to light up your home? Immediately replace it with a more energy-efficient lights are bright and friendly with your bills.

Furthermore, the former Bolam change you into a vase as shown below. Quite easy but looks classy instead?

2. Plastic Spoon Lamp

The first designer who creates unique lamps named Yaroslav Olenev. The idea lamp made of plastic spoon and a plastic bottle won an award in the nomination "Ecology and Design" organized by the magazine "futurenow" in 2010.

To make this light, you need a plastic bottle, hundreds of plastic spoons, glue shoot, cutter, cutting pliers, energy-efficient lighting and a few meters of cable as necessary.

3. Toilet Tissue Roll Wall Art

You lovers of art, but finances are not currently supported to buy wall art that exorbitant price? Do not be upset, you can make your own!

Prepare scissors, glue, hair clips, metal dyes, and a few rolls of toilet paper used. Perform the steps as shown below, and Voila! The walls of your house now have a beautiful Wall Art!

4. Solar Lights

Lamp made from a plastic bottle filled with water can illuminate the house, garage, or shed without adding to your bill from PLN course.

Measuring 55-60 watts from the sun, the idea was first discovered in the Philippines and applied to help slum there.

5. Lamp Milk Cartons

Designer Ed Chew from Malaysia is sharing cool ideas how to make cool decorative lights which only the former is made from milk cartons that you can see everyday.

You and your child should drink milk carton with a considerable amount to make this light, of course.

6. Bag Pop Tabs

As the name implies, this bag is made of pop tabs (the release button on beverage cans). Prepare cutting pliers, release staples, old keys, and pop tabs (at least you do not need hundreds to make a bag).

7. Vase and Candle Holder

With a bowl of canned food and some former brace for a clothesline, you can make a vase for your plants that look classic and natural.

Coupled with a glass and a candle lit in the middle, you will feel the atmosphere of the restaurant is expensive and a romantic dinner at your dining table.


7 Ideas Creative Beauty of Used Goods