7 Kids Toy with a Price

7 Kids Toy with a Price:
For parents, the happiness of the child is paramount. One is in the buy toys. But what if the price turned out to be very expensive? Here are the seven most expensive toy ever.

1. Lost in Space B-9 Robot

This sophisticated robot toys made according to those in the series Lost In Space. Every detail of the robot is reproduced from the original models from the pattern to the blueprints. So no wonder the robot is sold for U.S. $ 25 thousand or USD 242 million.

2. Three Wheel Bike Titanium

When children enter the age of the children, a tricycle would be his favorite. Tricycles this could be a super deluxe options. Made of titanium, the bike is likely only be used until the child is 3-4 years old will cost the equivalent of a mortgage is $ 2,500 a year or $ 24 million.

3. Gold Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy this one seemed to cause a different sensation when played. Not because of the content of the game but as they coated diamonds and 18 carat gold. Gameboy price is U.S. $ 30 thousand, or approximately USD 290 million.

4. Playhouse

Playing house could be activities that stimulate the imagination and creativity of children. Especially if the kids could play in the playhouse made specifically to fit their height. New England Lodge Playhouse is sold at PoshTots site is equipped with television, air duct and air controllers. It cost U.S. $ 54 thousand or USD 523 million.

5. Teddy Bear

Renowned German toy company, Steiff, celebrating the anniversary of the Teddy Bear-125 by way of interest. The company released 41 stuffed Teddy Bear. The dolls are sold limited terbuar fitted mouth of gold and eyes of sapphires. One doll was sold auctioned for U.S. $ 195 thousand or USD 1.9 billion.

6. Barbie

Barbie doll toy this one is really special. Only one piece made by an Australian jewelery designer, Stefano Canturi, Barbie is wearing a diamond necklace. When auctioned for breast cancer research, Barbie was sold for U.S. $ 302,500 or U.S. $ 3 billion.

7. Miniature Lamborghini

Although the shape of cars, whether these items are sold to children. Moreover, the price miniature Lamborghini was U.S. $ 4.8 million, or USD 46 billion. With these prices, who knows how much of the original Lamborghini Aventador model which sells for U.S. $ 380 thousand can be bought.


7 Kids Toy with a Price