7 People are Dead Ridiculous World History

7 People are Dead Ridiculous World History:
History has proven that the heroic actions of the hero always ends with the death of the plume. And that is what we know as of now. However, it has also been noted that the history of some knights tale that actually ended with embarrassing and even downright embarrassing.
Surely they do not want their deaths to be remembered and then recorded in history. Here is a list of warriors who died in a very silly and embarrassing.

1. Empedocles
Empedocles was a Greek philosopher who is best known for the classical theory of the four elements. It is said that Empedocles threw himself into an active volcano Etna in Sicily to fool his followers into believing that his body had disappeared into the sky, and he will be reborn as a god.


Unfortunately, one of his sandals stuck and did not participate thrown into the volcano, was later found by his followers. At that time his followers realize that they have been lied to by ignorant people.

2. Epirus Pyrrhus
Epirus Pyrrhus is one of the greatest conquerors in history. Dozens kingdom he had conquered. Up to the time assigned by Pyrrhus Cleonymus to defeat Sparta and promised the throne of Sparta.

But Pyrrhus forget the amazing Spartan. He defeated Spartan warrior, so he moved to Argos. Unfortunately, when he entered the city through the narrow streets with elephant rides, an old woman who was not happy with the conflict that he had created, throwing tiles at him from the balcony. Pyrrhus was killed in an instant.

3. Eleazar Maccabeus
Eleazar Maccabeus death is told in the Old Testament "I Maccabeus". In the Battle of Beth-Zechariah, Eleazar saw his nemesis, King Antiochus V riding an elephant. Then he thought to perform heroic acts by killing elephants and king Antiochus.

Eleazar jump under menika elephants and elephant belly with a spear. What happens next? Elephant that died fell right on top of Eleazar and killed him instantly.

4. Humphrey de Bohun
Humphrey de Bohun was a member of the Anglo-Norman kerluarga in England. He received orders from King Edward II to lead the troops in the Battle of Boroughbridge against Harclay, Humphrey de Bohun was killed in a way that is absolutely ridiculous.
Humphrey de Bohun led the fight on a wooden bridge. Then one of Harclay's pikemen hiding under a bridge, he shoved a spear into the wooden plank bridges between the clamps. Inadvertently, the spear right on Humphrey anus. Humphrey de Bohun was killed and his men panicked escape.

5. King Edward II
King Edward II led Britain for 20 years (1307-1327). He was more pleased to have a special relationship with men than with women. After he got off the throne and imprisoned, his wife Isabella (who was angry because a close relationship with a young king at the Royal Court) proposed method of execution is a bit odd.


On the night of October 11 when it was asleep in the king's prison suddenly arrested and dragged. Unfortunately, when the rebellion caught the neck of the king bed and suffocated. Guards who menyerat King fell and over again unfortunately carried the torch guards fell right in the anus king. The king died immediately without penalty.

6. Mughal Emperor Humayun
Mughal Emperor Humayun is the supreme ruler who ruled Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India from 1530-1540 and 1555-1556. He was a lover of art and astronomy. However, he was also very religious and this is what caused him to fall (actually falling).


When he took a book from the library, Humayun hearing prayer calls. The habit is rested one knee when he heard the call of prayer whenever and wherever he is. and when he bent his knees, his feet stumbling in the folds of a long robe.

He happened to be standing on a small ladder. Humayun fell down the stairs and hit her head and killed instantly.

7. Julien Offray de La Mettrie
Julien Offray de La Mettrie was a French physician, philosopher and genius. He believed that the sensual pleasures (such as eating and sex) is the only reason to live, so he decided to live his life with that principle.

Julien is an atheist and believe that life on earth is just a joke and ends with self-satisfaction. Ironically, he died after eating too much at a party held by the patient that he is cured.


7 People are Dead Ridiculous World History