Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption

Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption:
A photographer, Martin Rietze, managed to capture a rare event: a volcanic eruption that throws lightning phenomenal.

Volcanic worked as a photographer, Martin went to Japan to witness the eruption of Mount Sakurajima in southern Kyushu. In this, he makes stunning images time of the eruption, as the appearance of lightning when magma spewed volcanic smoke accompanied soar.

Sightings of lightning when volcanoes still a subject of debate among scientists. One hypothesis holds that magma bubbles are thrown, or the ash itself is electrically charged, because that's what causes lightning.


Overview Martin Rietze:
Rietze had photographed volcano for ten years, and many famous works can be seen in an online gallery: Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth.

His experience first when I saw the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily. And until now, he has no plans to release a full career risk.


Amazing Lightning Photo Currently Volcanic Eruption