Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total

Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total: The world and the internet as Google has been about. The tech giant made of various kinds of services to facilitate the work of man. But you know if I also have products gatot or fail miserably? And here are 10 products failed Google cited HowStuffWorks.

1. Google Wave

Perhaps this is the most gatot Google services. If Google+ does not continue to do innovation, and innovation, would have fared the same as Google Wave. When it first appeared (2009) Limited via invitation, staying digadang strong competitor Facebook with the full support of Google services: Gmail, YouTube, Buzz, etc.. But what is immoral, do not comply with the commotion.

2. Google Video
Before acquiring Youtube to dowry USD 1.65 billion, Google had its own video service called Google Video. Following the acquisition of Youtube, Google Video had several times changed the service. Launched in 2005, Google Video even been targeted to form a video rental.

3. SearchWiki, Knol, and Sidewiki
SearchWiki, Knol, and Sidewiki, are some of the services that Google created to kill Wikipedia (2008). Services stretcher in the form of a browser extension. Yet this attempt failed. Knol closed in May 2012. SearchWiki ceased operations in late 2010. And Sidewiki stopped service in September 2011.

4. Google Buzz
Still hear how Google so tout this service three years ago. 2010, Google Buzz is integrated into Gmail and even appeared on the pages of websites side by side with the Like Twitter and Tweet Facebook. Google Buzz officially collapsed in 2011.

5. Google Notebook and Shared Stuff
Two of these services eventually replaced or merged into other successful products such as Google Docs and Google Reader Google. Google Docs now also incorporated into the Google Drive with plus penyipanan documents and files on the 'cloud'.

6. Jaiku
Google acquired Jaiku a microblogging site in 2007. In 2009, Twitter tempestuous prima donna and around the world. In the same year, appearing in the internal rift that resulted in the closure of Google's Jaiku.

7. Dodgeball
In 2005 I did two important acquisitions: Android and Dodgeball. The first great success. Secondly, it is a success elsewhere. Dennis Crowley founded Dodgeball in May 2005 and then it was no certainty when the groom Google. Two years racing with stress, Dennis Crowley resigned from Google and Foursquare establish successful until now.

8. Google Print Ads and Google Radio Ads
Both are targeting the advertising business, but with a different conventional media (print) and radio. Unfortunately two advertising projects is not sustainable. Keep in mind if the two ads are targeting the audience offline. Google translate to audience metrics themselves online.

9. Google Answers
The service is similar to what dimili Yahoo!, Yahoo! Answers. But if difikir logically, if we ask him (Google) in search engines and get an answer very quickly in the search results, why should Google Answers service? It makes failure.

10. Google Lively
The concept is simple and attractive. Users seemed to live in a virtual world and communicate (chat) via 3D avatars. Unfortunately Google Lively just breathe for one semester in 2008.


Apparently Google's Failed 10 Products Total