Busy traffic Internet Only In 1 Minute

Busy traffic Internet Only In 1 Minute:
Internet access has become a breath for more than 2.5 billion people in the world today.

Certainly exciting to imagine how busy the traffic is Internet access by its users from all over the world.

If you want to see the facts of Internet traffic, a new study issued by the chip manufacturer Intel sufficiently described, and presented in a remarkable statistic.

Every minute, Intel found more than 204 million e-mails sent, 47 thousand applications downloaded some 20 million photographs and 6 million Facebook pages viewed by Internet users, and 1.3 million watched YouTube video clips.

Dailymail launch, 20 March 2013, the study also presents nearly 640 GB global IP data transferred in just one minute.

"Computing has touched people in a wider range thanks to mobile devices," said Krystal Temple of Intel.

Increased penetration of mobile devices encourage a tremendous impact on the amount of data traffic across the network.

"Activities listen to music, watch videos, download pictures, play games online, monitor the status updates on Twitter, everything is recorded activity in network traffic," he said.

The study also telescoped in the future, in which the data will grow dramatically. In 2015, the study predicted the number would amount to double the world's population.

Temple also revealed that Intel is developing a new network equipment to respond to an increase in Internet traffic.

Crystal Forest is the code name of the device that will improve the performance and increase the security of the network to handle the traffic increases in the future.

"By enabling equipment and service providers to provide a platform that grows along with the network, Intel is also open space on consumers to stay connected intelligent devices and minutes every day via the Internet," says Intel


Busy traffic Internet Only In 1 Minute