Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire

Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire:
In the 1980s there was a movie called "Firestarter", which tells about a girl who has the ability to burn anything it sees. This capability is called Pyrokinesis. Recently, there is also a movie about pyrokinesis, the film series "Heroes" where there is a character named Meredith has pyrokinesis abilities. So, what is pyrokinesis it?

Pyrokinesis, derived from the Greek word πυρ (PUR, meaning "fire, lightning") and κίνησις (kinesis, meaning "motion"). A capability that exceeds that of the fire. Which mental owners were able to manipulate fire and heat.

This can be achieved by accelerating particles to increase the temperature until it reaches the level of extreme heat and could emit sparks that could dispense api.Sebagian of people with this gift have the ability to enhance their personal temperature to warm, even in the coldest conditions.

In some traditions pyrokinetic (people who can use pyrokinesis) can make a fire, but a "technical" pyrokinetic can only manipulate fire, although they can burn combustible materials, making the fire afterwards. The ability to make fire out of thin air, without any combustible material, called "pyrogenesis."

Pyrokinesis is under the umbrella of telekinesis (or, sometimes, PK), which means that a practitioner uses his mind to affect the physical world around them. Traditionally a pyrokinetic can start a fire when the conditions in accordance with an adequate supply to create a fire, the fuel, oxygen and heat, then manipulate the intensity of the fire and the direction in which the ingredients are.
So pyrokinetic can inflame a stack of newspapers and not burn curtain nearby, or cause a fire spread quickly through a particular area at a speed that is not reasonable.
Although there is no empirical experiments that have been proven as displayed by the tradition of popular pyrokinesis, the ability to produce heat has been shown by certain martial arts practitioner.

This martial artist, by manipulating energy "chi", they can radiate heat from their hands or other parts of their body. Some argue that this ability is not "right" but only in the form of bio feedback pyrokinesis and just control, improve and increase the body's natural ability to produce heat, while others say that it is the ability of the material world mind manipulation and thus qualifies as (telekinesis) .
Many who have this ability to work with the negative energy that tends to be warmer then transformed into positive energy. The owner of this ability tends to be full of negative energy and thus very hot to the touch, or the lack of negative energy that makes frozen enough to touch.

SHC More Fatal
Phenomenon experienced by the 'owner' pyrokinetics, in contrast to the so-called body penghangusan spontaneously or Spontaneous human combustion (SHC). SHC is often fatal, because the heat is going to be able to turn your body a pile of ashes in just a few minutes. You can imagine how strong the heat, when compared to the burning of bodies in the crematorium that uses heat at a temperature of 1110 C. It took 8 hours to burn the bodies in situ. Even then, not abandoned as the SHC events.

SHC is a phenomenon that is not directly related to pyrokinesis, but the logical conclusion derived and have been drawn between the two is this: if someone burst into flames for no reason that can be understood, of course can be targeted pyrokinetic. Other theories around them, SHC and pyrokinesis practitioners who struggle to control their abilities and accidentally turn it on themselves, so there SHC.

Willy Brough (12) from Turlock, California, for example, supposedly able to start a fire just by looking at him. As a result, he had to accept it when evicted families because they possessed jahat.Untunglah, a farmer who lived near his home would pick up the boy and send him back. But unfortunately, at the new school he only lasted one day. Since only a day, five classrooms flames coming from his eyes.

Another example is Benedetto Supino of Formia, near Rome, which in turn form the attention of people. Starting in 1982, when he read comic books in the dentist's waiting room suddenly lit up.
Since then, he and his family were struck by several fires. Tables and chairs and an assortment of other items on fire every time Benedetto past, including bed linens, or items held, especially books. Similarly, he considered the serious stuff, like that ever happens to a plastic object held by his uncle.

That ability makes Benedetto feel very embarrassed and even depressed. While scientists are not capable of much help.

Another tragic fate experienced by Jennie Bramwell is an orphan. In just a few weeks after the adoption, at the Dawson home, adoptive families Thorah Island, Ontario. Has happened dozens of times smaller fires. The fire licked the ceiling, walls, furniture, towels, and even the family pet cat, occurs spontaneously when Jennie was nearby. Jennie was returned to the orphanage.

Professor Mario Scuncio of Social Health Tivoli provide a diagnosis rather awkward to assess psychiatric conditions boys are quiet and nerdy it's very normal.
Dr. Giovanni Ballesio, dean of the medical department of health of Rome University, who had investigated the possibility of abnormalities in people who have the ability to generate high power was not able to find any explanation behind all the fire. Benedetto just rested his hopes on Demetrio Croce parapsychologists are trying to teach him how to control his ability.

Vincent H. Gaddis, in his book Mysterious Fires and Lights, stating that there is one power of the mind that is able to increase the volatility of molecules that directly affect a target object. Once the volatility increases, the object becomes hot. To burn the curtains, clothes or other flammable objects just need some hot sparks.
Vincent wrote this book based on her research in the field of parapsychology in 1967.

Ability as well as regularly developed by Tibetan monks, even this tested in the process of their initiation, by wrapping themselves in sheets damp cloth and paper, and spent a cold night in the mountains, sitting in the snow. In the morning, if they pass the exam, paper and cloth will dry up and several feet of snow that touches the bone around the monks would melt.

Excess human beings are capable of burning objects around it is a feature of its own, but if they can not control the excess power can be a curse in itself.

Come Meet Knowledge Making Fire