Love Story of Ancient Man

Love Story of Ancient Man:
Early humans had already had a family conflict, when his beloved daughter chose a man who is not commensurate with the view of the father. Like what ya story? Be prepared with the animated film THE CROODS, Dreamworks latest work.

The film is a story of the family of cavemen who must survive the new world that is constantly changing under their feet.

The depiction of the film is very good. The voice of the animated film is Nicholas Cage as Grug, Croods hero, with his daughter (Emma Stone) who grew up and fell in love with Guy (Ryan Reynolds).

Guy is described as someone who is more advanced and evolved into a threat to change the stubborn Grug. "This story is not a meteor or lava or falling mammoth stuck in the cracks of the earth. This is a story about his daughter who turned in front of my eyes and live with someone who is considered worth it," said Kirk De Micco, assistant director who worked on The Croods with Chris Sanders.

Dreamwork reap success through franchise SHREK, MADAGASCAR and Kung Fu Panda, despite last year's loss to the Guardians. THE CROODS expected to be a resurrection of Dreamworks.

Preview trailer:

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Love Story of Ancient Man