Occult Cloak Harry Potter Not Delusion, tablets ...

Occult Cloak Harry Potter Not Delusion, tablets ...:
Harry Potter's magical cloak that can make it disappear from the eye, it is being developed by scientists. Some physicists have created a cloak, said that this discovery one step closer to realizing the magic cloak that can hide one in the afternoon. Currently only works in the microwave and light instead of visible light.

The discovery was made of a new material called metascreen. This material is made from strips of copper tape attached to a flexible polycarbonate film. Copper strip, measuring 66 micrometers thick. While the film thickness of 100 micrometers polikarbonatnya. Both are combined in a pattern of diagonal mesh.


This new robes using a technique called cloaking or cloaking coat to cancel the light waves that bounce off an object. So the waves were not up to the eye of the observer.

"When the scattered light field from the cloak and the object blocking, they will cancel each other out. Overall effect is transparency and invisibility at all angles of observation," said Andrea Alu, author of the study and a physicist at the University of Texas, Austin. In laboratory tests, Alu and his colleagues managed to hide a 18-inch rod of view of an observer on the microwave light conditions.

According Alu, the advantage of cloaking coat is associated alignment, ease of manufacturing and bandwidth modification. "You do not need to cancel matematerial mass of the scattering object. Surfaces simple patterned conformal to the object may be sufficient. Could even be better than matematerial mass," said Alu.

This discovery is not only a shock to fans of Harry Potter. The researchers said the findings could be used in practical applications telephon, as in noninvasive sensing devices or biomedical instruments. They menggambaran their device in a paper published in the New Journal of Physics 26 edition this March.


Occult Cloak Harry Potter Not Delusion, tablets ...