The story of Dragon Lake Poso Watcher

The story of Dragon Lake Poso Watcher:
If on the lake Loc, Scotland, famous story of mysterious creature called Loch Ness, the lake is famous for its light Poso lake. If we ask the locals about the mystery of the lake, it would have first told about the mystery of the giant creatures that emit light like a lamp kerosene lamps at night.

The bright light is often outwit fishermen fishing at night, at about friends fishing, after cayaha approached it moved rapidly and moving - moving, sometimes disappear and reappear somewhere else would even around the lake in a matter of minutes. Arkhi said.

Residents around the lake is believed that the light was coming from the head of a dragon that lived in the lake, but sometimes - sometimes come to the surface. He said many people who had seen the dragon's head, tail or scales. This mysterious light was better known to residents as "light lake".

Residents believe that the dragon is the guardian of the lake, so do not ever say the word - the word insults, complaints or being dismissive of this lake, if you do not want to wretch.

According to the fishermen who catch fish at night, when they saw the lights of a sign that the lake will not get a fish was caught. Hence it is better to go home to rest, said Arnius Peura villagers.

According Arnius unheard upset a fisherman who does not get the fish, then chasing lights up the lake was about - about 3 miles away, but then the lights disappeared around the foothills of the famous Marari water is very deep.

Regardless of whether or not a story about a giant creature caretaker Lake Poso, at least no value - the value of local wisdom about how to keep and treat the environment in order to remain sustainable and livelihood of residents in the surrounding area is maintained.

Because it's for the people in the coastal lakes still believe this story Poso lake treated as something to be respected, it should not take over-fish in the lake, must not recklessly cut down trees around the lake and or other activities that seem dismissive nature of His creation.

Had educated people can take the value - the value of local wisdom that is to not be greedy and do not take over-all that has been available in the nature around us so that no disaster that ultimately disastrous for us and future generations.

The story of Dragon Lake Poso Watcher