Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia

Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia: Waterfall, or the population of Java called waterfall, becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations. C...

Top 12 Waterfalls in Indonesia:
Waterfall, or the population of Java called waterfall, becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations. Charm offered by the outpouring of millions of cubic feet of water from a height is an awesome sight.

There are many tourist sites waterfalls in the country, 12 of which are summarized below because it involves high waterfall.

12. Sewu Grojogan waterfall (81 meters)
Located at the foot of Mount Lawu (2632 m asl), 27 km from the district. New reef, Central Java. This waterfall is one of the tourism program called "INTANPARI" (Agricultural Industry and Tourism), this waterfall has a height of 81 feet measured from the ground up.

11. Cimahi waterfall waterfall (85 meters)

Located in the village of Cisarua, about 10 kilometers from Erode, or about an hour from London. For those residents who want to find entertainment nature and away from the frenetic metropolis, this waterfall is a tourist destination that fits for them.

10. Cipendok waterfall waterfall (92 meters)

Located in the village of Karang Tengah, Cilingok district, about 25 km from Navan. With a height of 92 meters and is surrounded by a beautiful natural forest.

9. Curup Calm Waterfall (99 meters)

Quiet Curup waterfall is the highest waterfall in South Sumatra, which lies near the village of Bedegung, Tanjung District Court, about 56 kilometers south of the District of Muara Enim.

8. Moramo waterfall (100 meters)

Located 65 km to the east of Kendari, Moramo Waterfall is easily accessible by car or by boat. The uniqueness of this waterfall which has levels, 127 levels as high as 100 meters along the 2 km diperbukitan highlands of Southeast Sulawesi. And surrounded by natural forest into a native habitat in Southeast Sulawesi.

7. Citambur waterfall waterfall (100 meters)

Citambur waterfall, a waterfall a height of about 100 meters in the village of Karang Jaya, District Pagelaran, South Cianjur, West Java. Surrounded by natural forest with beautiful views makes this waterfall is the exotic attractions.

6. Sedudo Waterfall (105 meters)

Sedudo Waterfall located in Ngliman, sub Sawahan. about 30 km from Nganjuk. In addition to the attractions, this waterfall is often used as a place of execution Traditional Ceremony by local government and community. This further adds to the attraction for both local and foreign tourists.

5. Jarakan waterfall (115 meters)

Waterfall located in the village Jarakan Ngancar, District Plaosan. Jarakan Falls as part of the waterfall attraction developed by the government Magetan.

4. Sipiso piso waterfall (120 meters)

Sipisopiso waterfall waterfall waterfall is located in the highlands of North Sumatra. With a height of 120 meters, about 25 km from the city Kabanjahe.

3. Gorge waterfall Payakumbuh Harau (150 meters)

Located in Canyon Harau, 35 km from Bukittinggi. On the sidelines of the hills and valleys Harau there is a deep ravine and a waterfall is very beautiful, and sometimes filled with a bunch of butterflies flying around, making this waterfall is a combination of nature with beautiful views.

2. Madakaripura Waterfall (200 meters)

Madakaripura Waterfall located in District Lumbang, Probolinggo is one of the waterfalls in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This waterfall is known as the hermitage Mahapatih Gajah Mada before serving in the kingdom of Majapahit. Madakaripura waterfall shaped alcove surrounded by hills dripping water all over the field like a cliff's raining, 3 of them even formed a waterfall pouring again.

1. Sigura gura waterfall (250 meters)

Located about 250 km from Medan. The falls were produced by Asahan river from Lake Toba has a height of 250 meters.