Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair

Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair:
An artist from London created a unique masterpiece, a necklace of human hair. Just look necklace wrapped around the neck in the photo below. This necklace is made of strands of hair. Glance like lace attached. Inspired by Victorian style, this necklace is made with pure hand craftsmanship techniques, forming a beautiful jewelry.

Kerry Howley is, the owner of a jewelry designer ideas. He argued that women should have hair on their chests, but the form of jewelry.
Each year, people spend a lot of money to purchase a variety of hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, vitamins, and so forth just to get your hair healthy and beautiful. But when the hair is falling out or cut, man hair like he does not need them anymore. This is what makes Kerry to explore the beauty of the other side of the hair that has been unused.

"I want to know if he can make unused hair into something more interesting," said Kerry on her personal website. Using the general form of a necklace as well as interesting patterns and symmetry, Kerry has created a balance between the craft strangeness and beauty to the beholder.

Artist's home city of London has won a contest entitled "Attraction / Aversion" by making this necklace. Although he uses a strange material, but the necklace hair magic he can be very interesting and of course very beautiful. It takes skill, thoroughness and high persistence to create this kind of jewelry.


Unique, Necklaces from Human Hair